The Sims 4 Werewolves

The Sims Team teases The Sims 4’s Upcoming Game Pack

The Sims Team teases The Sims 4’s Upcoming Game Pack

Occult much?

We’ve just gotten a cryptic confirmation that something occult is on the way! Simguru GrimSuruDoi and simguru SimGuruConor posted a rather puzzling image with the following haiku:

If citrus stale, eat other root.

Fate, woe be it!

As a ski snacker, Alps raid le 246.


The one thing we are getting from this at the first glance is a lot of half moon, star, and sun characters…

Could it be?


And then there was this:

Sim Twitter cracked the code!
There were Mooncasters here” and “Where did all the frogs come from“?

But it doesn’t end there! A couple of hours later this one dropped:

If we apply the same logic as above, this one says: “I survived the century conflict.”

Soon after we got this one:

Since nothing can stop SimTwitter now, this one is cracked as well: “Take a dip in lake Lunvik“!

The saga continues! Stay tuned for more info!

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