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Build Your Own Scary Werewolf in The Sims 4 Werewolves!


A Collection of Good CAS CC and Gameplay Modifications to make Werewolves look more scary!

When the first pictures of The Sims 4’s Werewolves were leaked, people’s opinions were mixed. Some people didn’t like the aesthetic while others wanted them to look scarier. So as soon as the pack was released, modders went to work to create unique Werewolves that look far from the originals. Here are some of our favorite CC and Mods that make The Sims 4’s werewolves seem more intimidating.


Alone, these eyes don’t make the werewolves intimidating, but combined with other cc items on this list, they add a lot of depth to the werewolf’s face. Our favorite eyes are by ChippedSim. The Quartz Eyes V2 Edited – Werewolf Addon has 17 default and 17 non-default swatches. And our favorite part, they glow in the dark! You can download it here.

One of the other werewolf eyes that we like as well is Eyes of the Wolf: Default Eyes for Werewolves by Frenchie Sim.

Quartz Eyes V2 Edited – Werewolf Addon by ChippedSim


Our favorite CC tails are SpinningPlumbob‘s Paintable Tails! There are two styles of tales with two versions of each. The no texture version doesn’t have its own texture and it gets its texture from the back of the werewolf. This means it will look the same as the werewolf. In comparison, the textured version has a transparent texture that adopts some of the overall color from the werewolf. This means you can select from swatches in-game to find the closest match. Then, you can paint over it to find the perfect match.

They are found in the bracelet section in CAS. Be warned, these tails will clip on a lot of items in-game. You can download them here.

Another option is by Simono and is called Wolf Tails. There are 178 swatches and EA swatches are in a separate file. There are 2 color overlays with 178 swatches. Teens to Elders can use them; but werewolves only. They’re found in the ring section. You can download them here.

SpinningPlumbobs’ Paintable Tails and Animalistic Werewolf Legs


The Extended Muzzle and Mouth Corner Depth Slider allows you to give your werewolf’s muzzle more prominence. It is by VecD0e on ModTheSims. The mod adds two sliders that can be used on teens to elders. It will not be used on randomly generated sims. You can download it here.


Wolf Feet by Simomo is a default replacement for the in-game werewolf feet. There are files for both feminine and masculine frames and works only on werewolves. If you’re looking for something different than the EA werewolf feet, try checking Simomo’s take on werewolf feet. You can download it here.


One thing that was very different about the werewolves in The Sims 4 from The Sims 3 was the fangs. HOWL – WEREWOLF FANGS 3T4 by PYXIS are converted The Sims 3 werewolves fangs for The Sims 4 werewolves. They work on any werewolf ages teen through elder. There are two swatches. You can download them here.

Howl- Werewolf Fangs 3T4 by PYXIS and Quartz Eyes V2 Edited – Werewolf Addon by ChippedSim


Animalistic Werewolf Legs by Spinning Plumbobs gives werewolves legs that resemble wolves rather than the current EA werewolf legs. SpinningPlumbobs warns people that they are not perfect, but for many, they are much better than the legs EA chose. You can download it here.

Animalistic Werewolf Legs by SpinningPlumbobs


The first two CC remove coloring that EA uses on werewolves. No Painted Nose and Ears by TheKalino, which can be downloaded here. Wolf eyeliner begone by NocturneAlley. Download it here.

This last cc is a default skin for werewolves that make them look scarier. Take a look if you want a scarier werewolf experience! WOLF DEFAULT SKIN by ORTELASSA GOLDSTEIN. You can download it here.


This is a list of mods that we recommend to go with the CC. The first allows werewolves to rampage run all the time. And ChippedSim and Zero both have mods that make werewolf attacks more deadly. And the last mod helps create werewolf packs with werewolf activities.

Werewolf Tweaks by ChippedSim allows werewolves to autonomously give cursed bites or by choice when rampaging.

Feral Run: Werewolf Tweak by Lot51 allows werewolves to run on all four feet when not rampaging. You can download it here.
Werewolf Tweaks by ChippedSim adds venomous bites, vicious wolves, wolf protection, and wolfy walk. Venomous bites gives werewolves the ability to give vampires a venomous bite. Vicious wolves allows werewolves to do more while rampaging. Wolf protection allows sims to add wolfsbane to food and drink to protect themselves from werewolves. And finally, Wolfy Walkstyle enables the walk and run walkstyles from rampaging. Download it here.
Zero has made two WereChihuahua mods. There is Werewolf Blood Kills Vampires and Wolves Attack and Kill Sims.
Club Activities: Werewolves by ChippedSim Download it here. This mod adds werewolf activities to club activities. This helps make custom packs using the Get Together Club System.

Club Activities: Werewolves by ChippedSim adds numerous club activities for werewolves

What kind of werewolf are you going to create?

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