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Small Additions New to The Sims 4

07 27 22 12 04 05 PM

New Features to the Game that you possibly missed out!

Yesterday’s free base game update added a lot of big changes, like Sexual Orientation and Wants and Fears, but The Sims Team has snuck in quite a few smaller additions they didn’t mention. These smaller game additions might not be immediately obvious, so we wanted to point them out to our readers!

Sim Profiles Now Show High School Education

Small Additions New to The Sims 4

Previously, the Education tab was exclusive to the Discover University expansion and only displayed which university degrees your Sims had completed. This tab is now in the base game and displays your Sim’s high school education. This is likely due to the fact that teens are no longer guaranteed to graduate high school.

Video Calls Have Been Added to the Phone

Small Additions New to The Sims 4

It might have been easy to miss, but we noticed a new video call interaction on the phone! Video chats are becoming a lot more commonplace than phone calls so this feels like a fresh, contemporary addition to the phone.

Sims Can Sit on the Ground

Small Additions New to The Sims 4

Apparently, this isn’t exclusive to High School Years! The base game now allows your Sims to sit cross-legged on the floor via a self-interaction.

Build/Buy Has a Lock Icon on Reward Items

Small Additions New to The Sims 4

Certain reward objects in the Build/Buy catalogue have always had a greyed out background to indicate they are locked but it appears there is also a tiny lock symbol in the centre of these object icons in the catalogue to make it more obvious that they need to be unlocked through gameplay.

The Phone Has New Selfie Poses

Small Additions New to The Sims 4

There are a few new selfie poses on the phone camera! We’re happy this wasn’t exclusive to the new expansion because the same three poses we had before were getting very stale.

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