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Compliment High School Years CAS with this CC Add-On Set


20 new CAS pieces to give High School Years a different flavour… but you don’t need High School Years to use it!

One thing we always look forward to when a new pack comes out is all the custom add-on sets creators will make for it. It’s always fun to get revamped versions of the pack items to give us more variety in the looks we can create for our Sims.

Image from simancholy

simancholy has released a set of 20 new CAS items based on the High School Years CAS catalogue. The set features revamped versions of the High School Years necklaces, new tops using parts of the High School Years clothes, and new hairs with new accessories added and fixes to make them look more proportionate to Sims’ heads.

Oh, and the best part? These add-on items are base game compatible! Even if you don’t have the High School Years expansion pack, you can still download and enjoy these items!

Here’s a look at all the previews in the set!

Image by simancholy

We downloaded the set for ourselves and came up with a couple looks using the new items. The pieces look great and gave us more freedom to design the exact high school look we wanted. We’re definitely keeping this one in our Mods folder!

You can download this CC set for free right now!

Please note that mods and custom content are not available on consoles.

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