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Modder starts improving various Sims 4 High School Features


Hanging out at your locker now has a purpose – and more from this talented Modder!

The lockers in The Sims 4 High School Years were missing something and ChippedSim came to the rescue and added exactly what was missing from the lockers!

Photo Credit SimplyAqua12 on Twitter

ChippedSim just released the first part of her School Tweaks Mod, Locker Overhaul. This mod allows students to put stuff in lockers, get stuff from lockers, assign lockers to sims (works on NPCs), change outfits, and purchase school supplies!

There are plenty of School Supplies that are included from laptops and books to sports equipment. Choosing Purchase School Supplies opens a menu to pick which items you’d like to purchase.

To add and remove stuff from the locker, make sure to use the Grab Stuff From Locker and Put Stuff in Locker interactions.

This is the First Part of ChippedSim’s School Tweaks. Below are two of the other tweaks that ChippedSim is working on (and possibly adding to her School Tweaks Mod)!

Interactive Clubs

More Classroom Interactions

Make sure to check out School Tweaks and ChippedSim’s other mods! School Tweaks is available for download for free on Chipped’s website!

Are you going to try School Tweaks or any of ChippedSim’s other mods?

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