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Earning Money with Trendi in The Sims 4 High School Years


Creating Trendi looks can be a lot of fun… and profitable!

Welcome to ThrifTea! Let us help you create a new look!

Here at ThrifTea, Eloise Hiddlestix sells some of the trendiest clothes! Put together an outfit and you can even sell it for a profit. Just don’t tell Eloise how much profit you’re making!

Every day at 6 am, the stock of ThrifTea (or any other thrift store in your save) will refresh. This is based on the randomized trend and rarity that also changes at 6 a.m.

Creating THE Look!

Creating THE Look is simple! Click on one of the clothing racks and choose Create a Fashion Look. From the clothing that is available, choose an outfit that fits your style and fits the current trend. You can create up to 5 outfits at one time.

Wondering how much an outfit costs from ThrifTea?

You can calculate the cost of your outfit using the Base Cost + Rarity + Style formula. If you are not sure what something costs, play around with the tags until it appears or disappears.

Example: Base Cost (§5) + Rare (§20) + Hipster (§20) = Total Cost of §45
Note: A few items are tagged with more than one style. If that is the case, they seem to use the larger amount.

Base Cost: §5


Common: §10
Rare: §20
Very Rare: §40
Exclusive: §70
Exclusive DPOP: §90


Street: §10
General Contemporary Basic: §10
Bohemian: §20
Country: §20
Hipster: §20
General Outdoor Explorer: §20
General Preppy: §30
Goth Rock Punk: §30
General Polished: §50

Who’s Who with Trendi

The more hype, the bigger chance you have to sell your outfit! But, how do you get Hype for your outfit?

Some Sims are so influential that they automatically add Hype to their outfits. Low-level actors to high-level actors add increasing amounts of hype according to their actor level. Follower count on Trendi affects the Hype level of an outfit. And if you’re a stylist influencer, you boost the amount of Hype for outfits. You can even take pictures in your outfit to increase follower count and Hype on your outfit.

Don’t forget to talk to Eloise Hiddlestix and other people about the current trends!

Hype Levels

There are four Hype levels; Tepid, Neutral, Hot, and Fire.

Tepid: 0-20
Neutral: 20-40
Hot: 40-80
Fire: 80-100

The higher to 100 you achieve, the more your outfit sells!

What kind of looks have you created with Trendi? Show us below!

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