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Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions


Update! Sims 4 Studio now has been updated with a Batch Fix to fix broken CC

Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions
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At first, only a few people were getting the 532 error. But, more and more people have been reporting this error. What was causing it? It took a lot of detective work, but LeRoiDeTout might have solved the case!

Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions
From EA Help

Is this YOUR bug?

The bug we’re referring to will cause a last exception. It will have an error called, “ValueError”. You will also get a pop-up in-game that says “The Game Failed to Save. Error Code: 532” (with other numbers/letters after 532) and you will be unable to save your game.

NOTE: There is likely more than one cause for the groundhog bug.

Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions
From a mc_lastexception; Courtesy of CoffeeConfessor

What is CAUSING this error?

When creating the Thrift Store/Trendi system, EA used 32-bit IDs and only 32-bit IDs for the Thrift Store/Trendi CAS items. Custom Content CAS items use 64-bit IDs. If Custom Content has the new rarity tags, due to having the 64-bit IDs, it is broken.

At 6 a.m., the clothing selection refreshes. At this time, it also picks random trends and rarity, in addition to clothes. If a broken piece of custom content is chosen that day and you or the game tries to save, you will receive Error Code: 532.

Special thanks to Carl for providing information on the 532 error

There is a “Band-Aid”

Saving Your Game

You might be able to at least save your game. Try waiting until the next day after 6 am and save. This would change the current trends and your cc might not be available to buy.

Without Mods

Unfortunately, without mods, you will need to find the broken Custom Content with methods like the 50/50 method. Depending on your organization method, it will be an item you downloaded or was made after July 26, 2022.

After finding the item, you will need to remove the rarity tags from the item. (Instructions Below) You can also remove the Custom Content from your game permanently.

With Mods

LeRoiDeTout has created a “band-aid” mod that lets you know what Custom Content is broken when placed in your Mods Folder. The mod creates a file named invalid_CAS_part_IDs.txt listing all the CAS part IDs. In order to find out what CC that is, you’ll need to use the resource.find console command.

  1. Take each ID from the invalid_CAS_part_IDs.txt, click tools and open Hash Generator. Put them in the Hexadecimal line.
  2. Copy the Decimal conversion
Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions

3. Use Ctrl + Shift + C (Windows) to open the command console.
4. Type resource.find then paste the decimal number. Hit Ok.

Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions

5. You will receive a pop-up that tells you exactly what item this number belongs to.
6. Repeat for all affected items and either remove them or remove the tags from each item and their swatches.

Special Thanks to Ravasheen for showing me how to use resource.find command.

Removing Tags

You will need to download and install Sims 4 Studio.

1. Click on My Projects and select the Custom Content that you need to alter

Screenshot 2022 08 10 134053 2 edited

2. Click on the Warehouse tab on the top tabs.
3. Click on the first CAS Part and go to the right-hand section in the Data tab. Scroll to Tags and click Edit Items.

Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions

4. Find any of the following tags and highlight them:
5. Click Remove to remove the tag.
6. Make sure to hit save after editing the tag.

Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions

7. Repeat and do this for every CAS Part in the Custom Content.
8. Do not forget to hit save in the bottom right corner!


Sims 4 Studio has released a batch fix to fix affected clothing and to prevent future clothing from causing the error. Make sure to batch fix any CAS cc that you downloaded after July 26, 2022 and remember to remove any defaults before running the batch fix.

Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions
Error 532 in The Sims 4: Causes and Solutions

You can download Sims 4 Studio on their website for free!

Have you experienced the Error: 532 bug?

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