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Over 80 Unique Objects: The Sims 4 Boho Living CC!


Be transported to a whimsical world of wicker furnishings and houseplants with this free CC pack!

Hippies, plant parents, and boho fanatics rejoice! You can now furnish your homes with oodles of plants, wicker furnishings and fixtures thanks to this huge CC collection by awingedllama!

Boho Living CC Stuff Pack 1
Image Credit: awingedllama

The set comes with 80 new items to furnish your Sims’ homes and they are all base game compatible and 100% Maxis Match! There’s a huge variety of new items from houseplants to beds and couches to rugs to light fixtures, shelving, and more!

Let’s take a look at the official previews from awingedllama‘s Patreon!

Every item looks stunning and they all match so perfectly with each other that you could definitely furnish your entire home using these items. There’s a large variety of objects in many different categories so there’s no shortage of unique pieces to create the perfect bohemian getaway for your Sims!

Our personal favourite items in the collection are the rattan and wicker baskets, the hanging chair, all the accent pillows, and the hanging plant shelves! I’m also fond of the cane shelving, as it looks similar to a shelf my mom had in my childhood home growing up. It brings back great memories!

Over 80 Unique Objects: The Sims 4 Boho Living CC!

You can download the entire set for FREE right now on awingedllama‘s Patreon! Just click the download button below to be taken right to the download page!

Please note that custom content is not supported on consoles.

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