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This International Collab Will Take Your Sims Around the World!


The Sims 4 is going to need more culture skills with everything a Sim can learn from these great builds!

One of the shortcomings with The Sims 4 and most life simulators is that they lack cultural diversity. Lucky for us, there are different ways for us to add cultural diversity into the game.

For the second year, grenesims has hosted an International Collab for builders from around the world to create builds based on their own surroundings. Using the hashtag #ts4internationalcollab2, participants uploaded their interpretations of local venues. Here are a few of the posts that caught our eye!

Note: Unfortunately, not all of these are currently available to download. Although, we do try to feature builds that are available on the gallery, by only featuring those builds, it would take away from the spirit of the colab.

Photo from @grenesims‘ Twitter Account

Some of the builds included in the International Collab:

Argentinian Country House


Photos from grenesims’ Twitter Account

Created by: grenesims
EA ID: grenedae

Lot Details

Lot Type: Residential
Price: §73,976
Size: 64 x 64
Amenities: 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

Important Information

No CC was used


An Argentinian country house for the #TS4InternationalCollab2 ! #argentina #highschoolyears #cottageliving #snowyescape #ecolifestyle #discoveruniversity #islandliving #seasons #catsanddogs #cityliving #gettogether #gettowork #werewolves #dreamhomedecorator #laundryday #parenthood

grenesims’ Argentinian Country House is available to download on The Sims 4 gallery now!

Musalaki Traditional Home


Photos from plummysims’ Instagram

Created by: plummysims
EA ID: elfathiera

Lot Details

Lot Type: Residential
Price: §57,650
Size: 40 x 30
Amenities: 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathroom

Important Information

Make sure to turn bb.moveobjects on before placing the lot
The lot is playtested and functional


Part of #TS4InternationalCollab2. Inspired by a traditional #Indonesian home from East Nusa Tenggara called Musalaki. Fully #playtested and #functional. Please turn on #moveobjects before placing. Watch the speed build on #traditionalhome #traditional #indonesia #eastnusatenggara #nusatenggara #willowcreek #plummysims

Bring some Indonesian culture to your Sims’ lives. Download the Musalaki Traditional Home from The Sims 4 gallery today!

Old Polish House


Photo from natgamingxo’s Twitter Account

Created by: natgamingxo
EA ID: natgamingxo

Lot Details

Lot Type: Residential
Price: §65,325
Size: 30 x 20
Amenities: 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathroom

Important Information

No CC was used


The old house which you can see a lot in Poland. I built it for the #ts4internationalcollab2 #countryhouse #familyhouse #nocc

Want your Sims to live in this Old Polish House? Head over to the gallery and download this lot today!

La Corrala


Photos from syldavia_syl’s Twitter Account

Created by: syldavia_syl
EA ID: syldavia_syl

Lot Details

Lot Type: Residential
Price: § 349,028
Size: 30 x 20


Mi participación en el #TS4InternationalCollab2 organizada por #grenedae es una corrala del centro de Madrid. Los detalles de la construcción los detallo en mi blog, en donde explico la tipologia de vivienda. #Madrid #Spain #Corrala #older #modern #collab #NoCC #MOO #Syldaviasyl

Take your Sims to Madrid, Spain! Download La Corrala from The Sims 4 Gallery!

Traditional Chinese Manor


Photos from muhebuild’s Twitter Account

Created by: muhebuilds
EA ID: muhebuilds

This build is not on the gallery as of writing this article, but you can see their other creations by searching muhebuild or by visiting here.

Old Town in Pozanań

Western Poland

Photo From Instagram Account owSimsters

Created by: owSimsters
EA ID: owSimsters


Old Town in Poznań

Our build for the #ts4internationalcollab2 hosted by @grenesims 

According to Wikipedia, Poznań Old Town is the centermost neighbourhood of the city of Poznań in western Poland, covering the area of the once walled medieval city of Poznań. It is called Stare Miasto in Polish, although that name may also refer to the wider administrative district of Stare Miasto, which extends to most of the city centre and northern parts of the city.”

We’ve actually never been there, but we’d love to visit this city!!

Want to see more of owSimsters’ builds? Why not visit them on The Sims 4 Gallery?

College Pateo


Photo credit: @mylofarmer
Photo From Instagram Account mylofarmer

Created by: mylofarmer
EA ID: mylofarmer

Lot Details

Lot Type: Wedding Venue
Price: §202,989
Size: 50 x 40
Amenities: 0 Bedrooms 0 Bathroom


Sims version of the famous College Pateo in São Paulo, Brazil. This is a wedding venue but can be turned into a café or a museum. Part of the #ts4internationalcollab2 #brasil #brasileiro #brazilian #brazil #historicbuild #catsanddogs #journeytobatuu #romanticgarden #paranormal #gettowork #gettogether #getfamous #seasons #myweddingstories

Get those plane tickets ready! It’s time for your Sims to visit Brazil! This build is available on The Sims 4 Gallery!

Finnish Cottage

Photo from the Instagram Account of sosimspired

Created by: sosimspired
EA ID: sosimspiredYT

Lot Details

Lot Type: Residential
Price: §46,668
Size: 20 x 20
Amenities: 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

What a perfect size Finnish Cottage! If you need a not-quite a starter home house, download this cottage off The Sims 4 Gallery!

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