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Mods to Help Lessen Simulation Lag in The Sims 4


The hard problem of Simulation Lag has two helpful mod fixes.

Sims are all frozen or bobbing their heads. Time slowing down while on speed 3. Maybe the Sims continue their task after the game is paused. That’s Simulation Lag. A term that we have all come to know and hate. And unfortunately, the older the game gets and the more updates are put out, it does not seem like there will ever be an official “fix” to the problem. But, here’s to hoping!

What Can Be Done?

Most people playing The Sims 4 know what it looks like, but do they know what causes it? And more importantly, do they know how to lessen it?

To alleviate the Simulation Lag, these are some steps you can take.

  1. Check for any mods with tuning errors. Although some tuning errors happen, extensive tuning errors in the mods folder can cause increased simulation lag. Try using Tuning Error Notifier by Scumbumbo and maintained by Nisa K.
  2. Stop programs running at the same time as the game
  3. Make sure the computer’s specs match with the amount of mods/cc installed
  4. Use Speed 3 less
  5. (When Possible) Upgrade computer
  6. Turn down graphics/game settings
  7. Batch fix CC using Sims 4 Studio
  8. Delete Cache
  9. Install Simulation Lag Fix and/or Simulation Unclogger

The following two mods can be used separately or together.

Simulation Lag Fix

Mods to Help Lessen Simulation Lag in The Sims 4
Photo Credit: SrslySims

Sims bobbing their head, but there is no music? Or are they trying to meet their new smart watch’s stand goal?

Originally created by simmythesim and previously maintained by Xerox, SrslySim’s Simulation Lag Fix. Simulation Lag fix adjusts the game time to help cut back on simulation lag when there are too many autonomy requests.

This mod can help alleviate:

  • Head bobbing
  • Sims doing nothing for long periods of time
  • time slowing down when still on speed 3

Important Note: If you adjust the game speed using MC Command Center, you cannot use this mod.
“MCCC > MCCC Settings > Gameplay Settings > Game Time Speed” needs to remain at 25. If it is left at default, MC Command Center is compatible.

To Install

Make sure to delete any cache and then install the mod in the main mods folder or one folder deep. The mod cannot be more than one folder deep.

Mods to Help Lessen Simulation Lag in The Sims 4

Simulation Lag Fix is available on SrslySims’ website for FREE!
You can also find SrslySims on her Patreon.

Simulation Unclogger

Mods to Help Lessen Simulation Lag in The Sims 4
Photo credit: Turbodriver on ModTheSims

Are all your sims waiting in anticipation for Alexander Goth to finish his homework? Maybe that’s not a good sign.

Simulation Unclogger is a script mod that tries to fix an unplayable game by detecting when Sims cause the Simulation to get stuck. This mod should help with examples of all Sims in the game freezing due to a singular Sim doing a task. Although this provides a fix for the problem, it does not prevent it from happening.

How It Works

“Simulation Timeline Unclogger works by watching each and every action that passes through the Sims actions timeline. Whenever an action occurs at the same time as another action in the timeline, the script counts it. When enough of the same actions (type of generator) occur in a row, within the exact same timeframe, the action gets forcibly stopped, causing the Sim to reset, and unclog the timeline. This solution allows unclogging of the timeline from anything that is caused by any “resettable” action, which involves all Sims/Objects/Interactions.”

(From ModTheSims)

To Install

Simulation Unclogger is a script mod. In order for it to work, make sure that it is either placed directly into the Mods folder or one folder deep. Anything deeper than one folder will cause the mod not to work.

Mods to Help Lessen Simulation Lag in The Sims 4

Download Simulation Unclogger by Turbodriver on ModTheSims

For information on how to keep your game healthy: The Sims 4: How to ensure a healthy game!
Special thanks to Carl and SrslySims for teaching me everything I know about Simulation Lag

Do you struggle with Simulation Lag and have you tried either or both of these mods?

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