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Sims 4 CC Hair: Sheabuttyr Showcase

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Gorgeous Sims 4 Maxis Match hairstyles for Black Sims!

People from all walks of life make The Sims the vibrant, diverse community it is today, so why is there so little representation for people of colour in The Sims 4? Most of the game’s culturally diverse content is locked behind paid DLC… if it even exists at all. While The Sims Team has made considerable effort to be more inclusive in recent years, the gap in free cultural content is still far too wide. What’s worse? It’s even hard to find diverse CC for The Sims 4. Most of the custom content being made for The Sims 4 caters to white Sims. One talented creator aims to bridge this problematic gap with their Sims 4 CC hair designed specifically for Black Sims!

Sims 4 CC Hair by Sheabuttyr

Sheabuttyr’s tumblr is dedicated to adding more diverse Sims 4 CC hair textures and styles to the game and they are absolutely stunning. There is a broad range of styles and textures that look amazing on Black Sims. We downloaded a handful of sheabuttyr’s collection to check them out in our own game and we were so impressed with the in-game quality of every single hairstyle. Locs, braids, twists, afros, and smooth textures all look equally gorgeous and the Maxis Match style fits right into the game’s existing artistic aesthetic.

Here is just a small sampling of sheabuttyr’s catalogue that we tried out in our game!

As you can see, it’s difficult to choose a favourite when every single hairstyle looks this good! Can they all be our favourites? We think so!

You can download all of the above Sims 4 custom content from sheabuttyr’s full catalogue!

Sheabuttyr’s website has a clean overview of all their custom Hairstyles separated by Length and Texture filters.

Sims 4 Hairstyles by Sheabuttyr

Sheabuttyr’s latest content release is called Foxxy Fros and it features a selection of gorgeous afro hairstyles for your Sims! We’re so excited to get our hands on these. Check out the preview images below!

The Foxxy Fros set is currently in early access but will be free for everyone to download on November 18th, 2022.

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