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The Sims 4 Kits: Bathroom Clutter Overview


Solid concept. Flimsy execution.

The Sims 4 recently added two new kits to its ever-growing DLC collection; the Simtimates Collection Kit and the Bathroom Clutter Kit. Both kits are designed to fill in gaps in content that currently exist in the game. The Bathroom Clutter Kit aims to fill out the sparse bathroom options available in Build/Buy through clutter pieces that personalise a bathroom space.

This Sims 4 kit comes with a total of 31 decorative objects for bathrooms, including toilet and bath mats, a new plunger and toilet brush combo, towels, electric toothbrushes, wall decals and many more odds and ends that one might find lying around someone’s bathroom. The items are intended to aid visual storytelling about the Sims that use the space. Many of the items have both neutral and more childlike colour options so they can be used in large, messy family bathrooms and in more tidy, polished bathrooms.

As usual, Sims Community has taken the liberty of compiling every catalogue entry for you! We also have close up shots of every item in-game in every available swatch. We’ve left no stone unturned with this Sims 4 kit so let’s dive right in and check out all the new objects!

The Sims 4 Kits: Bathroom Clutter Overview

Catalogue Entries

Check out all the catalogue entries below!

In-Game Screens

Check out all the in-game close ups of every swatch below!

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Our Review of The Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter Kit

We really wanted to love this Sims 4 kit. We did. And there are some aspects of this kit that we do love, but unfortunately, it falls short in several areas. We can’t deny that this is a solid concept for a kit. The last clutter kit got a wonderful review from us and we were excited about the possibilities for more visual storytelling in this kit.

In that respect, this kit delivers. There are so many charming little items that tell fantastic stories about the Sims that live there. The false teeth in a glass tells you that an elder lives in the household. The messy storage box bursting with jewellery and bobby pins points to the presence of a teenage girl in the home, and all of the adorable wall decals and voidcritter-themed objects are perfect for children. We must point out objects we needed, too, like a toilet plunger/brush and a mat that fits around toilets perfectly.

Blurry textures and low-poly meshes are NOT the vibe

So where did The Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter Kit go wrong? Well, it’s the quality of the objects for us. At first glance, everything seems amazing but when you stop and take a closer look at things, shortcuts become more apparent. Meshes are disappointingly low-poly even when playing on ultra graphics settings. Textures are blurry and in some cases, parts of objects have just been painted onto surfaces. You can see that some parts of the meshes are so flat that they disappear underneath our backdrop rug. The empty toothpaste and the hair dryer are the two worst offenders but there are so many other objects that just look fake the closer you look at them.

We realise The Sims Team needs to ensure their content runs well on multiple platforms, but this kit is still a huge step down in quality from the Everyday Clutter Kit, which had beautiful textures. If players are paying $5 for decorative clutter, that clutter should be of the highest quality. We don’t understand why the objects in this Sims 4 kit are not of the same quality as previous clutter kits. It’s sloppy and disappointing. There are also two light switches in this pack that serve no purpose; what a missed opportunity to add light dimmer controls to those objects. We just can’t recommend this kit for $5 unless The Sims Team fixes these issues. It’s a shame because otherwise, this would have been a fantastic kit. The concept was flawless, but the execution was lacking.

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