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Activities in The Sims 4 Ranked from Best to Worst


Last week, we posted a community poll asking you to decide the best and worst activities in The Sims 4, using the likes and dislikes as a guide. The poll ran for one week and a LOT of Simmers voted! This week, we’ve compiled all of the results from this poll to bring you our ranking of the best and worst Sims 4 activities… decided by you!

Some of the results are no surprise to us, others are a bit shocking but the Simmers have spoken so without further ado, let’s see what the most and least popular activities in The Sims 4 are!

Sims 4 Likes & Dislikes: Base Game Activities

The Sims 4 – Brand New Render!

We separated the poll between base game activities and DLC activities. Here are the results from the base game poll!

  1. Painting (1548 votes)
  2. Cooking (1505 votes)
  3. Gardening (1445 votes)
  4. Writing (818 votes)
  5. Fitness (710 votes)
  6. Handiness (635 votes)
  7. Video Gaming (620 votes)
  8. Photography (536 votes)
  9. Piano (502 votes)
  10. Programming (377 votes)
  11. Guitar (332 votes)
  12. Fishing (315 votes)
  13. Rocket Science (276 votes)
  14. Mixology (270 votes)
  15. Violin (165 votes)
  16. Mischief (150 votes)
  17. Comedy (82 votes)

Sims 4 Likes & Dislikes: DLC Pack Activities

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And these are the final results from the DLC pack poll!

  1. Wellness (1417 votes)
  2. Baking (1185 votes)
  3. Knitting (1103 votes)
  4. Singing (1040 votes)
  5. Acting (919 votes)
  6. Dancing (745 votes)
  7. Cross-stitch (588 votes)
  8. Media Production (538 votes)
  9. Snowboarding (504 votes)
  10. Rock Climbing (496 votes)
  11. Robotics (422 votes)
  12. Skiing (399 votes)
  13. Bowling (381 votes)
  14. Research & Debate (275 votes)
  15. DJ Mixing (195 votes)
  16. Pipe Organ (103 votes)

Surprised? Not surprised? Somewhere in the middle? Let’s break down the top three best and bottom two worst activities in each category!

Sims 4 Likes & Dislikes: Best of the Base Game

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We’re a little surprised that Gardening is not first; however, we’re not surprised at all to see Painting in the top three. Creative skills are always popular and there’s so much your Sims can do with their finished paintings. They can sell them for a lot of simoleons or decorate their home with them. Lots of players want to collect every type of painting in the game so we definitely see why this is a popular activity.


While cooking wouldn’t have been our top pick, we can still see why it’s so popular in second place. There are hundreds of recipes to learn and lots of funny cooking animations. The more DLC packs you have, the more recipes you can make. Some DLC packs even let you turn cooking into a self-owned business! With so many uses for cooking in the game, it rightfully earned its spot in the top three.


We definitely thought this would be #1 but it falls in third place. Nevertheless, we are happy to see it in the top three. Gardening is easily the most versatile activity in the base game. The Gardening collection is the largest collection in the game and grafting combinations make collecting all the plants a challenging and rewarding past time. Plus there’s no shortage of ways to use what you’ve grown. Sell your produce to make a living, save money on cooking ingredients by cooking your own produce, and if you own the Seasons expansion, you can turn flower arranging into a full-time business. Also, you can get yourself a pet Cowplant! How cool is that, right?

Sims 4 Likes & Dislikes: Worst of the Base Game

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This Sim appears to be saying hello to her new Voodoo Doll!


We are quite surprised to see Mischief in the bottom two. It’s such a fun skill. Building it unlocks all kinds of hilarious interactions on Sims and objects. It allows klepto Sims to swipe bigger and better stuff. You can become partners in crime with another Sim which allows you to pull off pranks together. At higher levels of the skill, you can even bind Sims to voodoo dolls to torment them. We have a hard time seeing how that’s not tempting but maybe its low ranking is just a sign that most Simmers are nice to their Sims.


We can’t say we’re shocked by this one. While it is fun to tell jokes and do comedy routines, the skill is a bit respective. All of the unlockable actions are just new jokes and longer comedy routines. The jokes have the same effect no matter which ones you tell and once you’ve seen one comedy act in this game, you’ve seen them all. This skill’s main purpose is mostly just to get promotions in the Entertainer career. It doesn’t offer much gameplay.

Sims 4 Likes & Dislikes: Best of DLC

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This was absolutely no surprise to us at all. The Wellness skill covers a broad range of activities. Yoga, meditation, and giving massages all build the Wellness skill. And since the Spa Day refresh, new activities have been added, making Wellness an even more enjoyable past time, like manicures, pedicures, and facial masks! Wellness absolutely deserves its #1 spot. We couldn’t agree with Simmers more.


Like Cooking, Baking is another fun culinary skill that deserves to be in the top three for DLC packs. It’s even more versatile than Cooking because your Sims can decorate their sugary treats after baking them to give them some extra personality. Baked goods are always popular as gifts and with Get To Work’s retail system, you can even run your own bakery. We agree with you, Simmers. We’re fans of this one, too.


While we personally prefer cross-stitch, we can definitely see why knitting is the more popular activity. I’s a full 10 level skill and the amount of different things you can knit is astounding. Knit clothing items to add to the CAS catalogue for your whole family, decorate your home with hand-knit planters, décor, and even children’s toys, knit cozy onesies for babies, or start a crafty side hustle and sell what you knit on Plopsy. Knitting definitely deserves its #3 place for DLC packs.

Sims 4 Likes & Dislikes: Worst of DLC

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DJ Mixing

No surprises here. We have to agree that DJ Mixing is one of the most boring skills in the game. It’s a full 10 level skill but we have no idea why. Watching your Sim stand at a DJ booth doing the same handful of animations over and over again while they play car horn and dog barking sounds gets old almost immediately. Even when they learn better music, it’s still kind of just the same thing. We can think of so many better ways to spend our time in The Sims.

Pipe Organ

Okay, you got us. This surprised us. A LOT. We thought the Pipe Organ would fall somewhere in the middle of the list but instead, it’s dead last! Perhaps the allure of vampires has just faded over the years for players but we have to say… give the pipe organ a chance, guys! It’s a pretty cool instrument!

Do you agree with your fellow Simmers? Let us know in the comments, or check out some of our other community articles!

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