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Stella Artois partners up with The Sims 4 Creators


Beer Company “Stella Artois” partners up with The Sims 4 Creators for a new Mod Pack!

We’ve received an email from the PR of Stella Artois, announcing an exciting collaboration with The Sims 4 Creators!

HeyHarrie and Devon Bumpkin have contributed to the upcoming Sims 4 Unfiltered Mod Pack, releasing on February 8th. The Mod Pack along with upcoming Gallery Creations have been done in collaboration with Stella Artois, a popular Beer brand.

We’ll talk more about this interesting collaboration. Until then, read the full PR release:

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Enjoy a pint of beer in The Sims as Stella Artois launches Unfiltered mod pack – best enjoyed au naturel.

Stella Artois x The Sims 4 Mods
Stella Artois x The Sims 4 Mod Pack

2nd February 2023: In celebration of its naturally unfiltered beer, Stella Artois is entering The Sims! Allowing players the ability to live life au naturel while enjoying a refreshing virtual pint of Stella Artois Unfiltered.

The tongue in cheek Stella Artois ‘Beer, au Naturel’ TV advert tells the story of a picturesque European town. Additionally featuring inhabitants that live as naturally as the beer they drink, totally comfortable in their own skin. From this, Stella is making this a virtual reality for Sims players, with the world’s first playable TV advert.

Over half of Sims players (55%) admit that getting naked is one of their favourite activities when playing the game. On the other hand 44% said they feel shame when playing in the nude. By launching  the Stella Artois Unfiltered mod within the game, the hope is to encourage players to liberate themselves. Of course, with a delicious pint of Stella Artois Unfiltered au naturel for maximum enjoyment.

Launching their ‘Play, au Naturel’ day on 8th February at 6pm, the brand will go live on multiple Twitch streams together with some of the biggest gamers in the UK. This will be the first-time gamers will be able to engage with a TV ad this way. Sims enthusiasts will get a first look at the ‘au naturel’ world inspired by the picturesque fictional French village featured in the advert – which was created in collaboration with expert Sims creator Devon Bumpkin and mod creator Hey Harrie. Viewers will be able to dive into every aspect of the town – from its villagers to their houses – and ‘’Play, au Naturel’’, with the chance to win limited-edition prizes by tweeting a screenshot of their nude Sim enjoying a Stella Artois Unfiltered with the hashtag #PlayAuNaturel.

Devon Bumpkin, creator of the Stella Unfiltered world in The Sims, says: “I’ve loved bringing the Stella Artois Unfiltered beer, characters and backdrop to the virtual world of The Sims. Having your character naked in the game is something lots of people find enjoyment in! Now players can make their characters enjoy a refreshing pint of Unfiltered au naturel, as it was intended, thanks to the collaboration with Stella Artois. I can’t wait to reveal this to Sims fans and see them bring it to life as they play.” 

Sims fans can experience the full world of the Stella Artois Unfiltered village, with local characters available to download. Local characters will be including the protagonist waiter in the buff, and other naked residents. Along with these new characters and location to build their own world in, Sims players will be able to download a Stella Unfiltered mod pack which will include: a Stella Artois Unfiltered Chalice, bottle of Stella Artois Unfiltered beer and a branded beer tap for their own bar.

Meg Chadwick, Stella Artois Senior Brand Manager, said: “We’re so excited to be able to give gamers the opportunity to experience our naturally unfiltered beer in a virtual world – where they too can be as naked as the beer we’ve created. We hope that our Unfiltered characters, scenes and mods will be the go-to virtual choices for those Sims players looking to enjoy a Stella Artois Unfiltered in their natural state.”

For players looking to taste the unfiltered way of life while playing Sims, the brand will be offering 20% off 4-packs of Stella Artois Unfiltered beer! The 4-packs will be available to order via Getir across the UK. With this, players can mirror their Sim and simultaneously enjoy an ice-cold Stella Unfiltered beer in real life and virtually. The promotion goes live on 8th February to coincide with the Live Streams of Play, Au Naturel. It will run until 14th February, giving you plenty of time to live up your “Au Naturel” life!

So, what are your thoughts on this collaboration? Join the conversation below! Don’t forget to browse the Sims 4 News for more updates like this!

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