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The Sims 4: All About Infants in CAS

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Customize infants to your liking in CAS!

The Sims 4 Growing Together livestream covered much more than just the Growing Together expansion. Additionally, it covered the free base game update coming on March 14th, including infants! Having a new life stage in the game is exciting for many reasons but one of the most exciting things about this new life stage in The Sims 4 is that they are fully customizable in CAS! We got a detailed look at The Sims 4 infants in CAS in the developer livestream, so let’s check it out!

The Sims 4 Infants: CAS

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Obviously, infants can be adopted or brought into the family via pregnancy. Additionally, they can be created using the new surrogacy options coming to the base game. Also, they are creatable directly in CAS! Infants being available in CAS are exciting because this is the youngest age group we’ve ever been able to create in CAS in any main title.

Of course, infants have a wide variety of tops, bottoms, full-body outfits, leggings, and accessories to choose from. Also, players can customize their infant’s outfit from head to toe. For additional storytelling, infants can also wear baby glasses and baby helmets. The baby helmet comes in a variety of adorable designs for The Sims 4 infants in CAS.

Additionally, players can customize their infant’s hairstyle in CAS. Also, there are a variety of lengths, styles, and textures to choose from. Of course, from lots of hair to just subtle baby wisps and even cute pigtails. Indeed, there’s something for all.

Infant Hair & Skin Details

Of course, it’s not just clothes, hair, and accessories available. Additionally, they have a variety of skin details! In fact, players can apply stork bites to their infants’ faces and bodies to give them a truly unique appearance. Also, stork bites will fade as infants get older, just like in the real world. However, there are new birth marks for older ages if players want their The Sims 4 infants in CAS to keep their unique skin markings as they get older. Also, all the new skin details come in a range of swatches to ensure they show up visibly and look natural on all skin tones.


Stork Bites and Birth Marks


Misc New Clothing

Check out some of the infants clothing previews that were shown off during the livestream! Also, we got a good look at many of clothing assets for The Sims 4 infants in CAS.

Tops and Bottoms



Of course, we can’t wait to customize our own Sims 4 infants in CAS on March 14th!

Additionally, count down to the release of infants with us!

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