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Everything you need to know about San Sequoia, Neighborhoods, and Lots!

Welcome to San Sequoia!

San Sequoia began as a small fishing town, then became a hub of the fishing and canning industry due to the influence of local fisherman-turned-entrepreneur, Bayani Robles. The Robles family is still very much entrenched in the area even as it has expanded over time thanks to Gilbert Gilberts. Today, San Sequoia is home to cozy streets, a beautiful park with gardens, and quiet suburban neighborhoods. It’s the perfect place to raise a family!

San Sequoia World Map
San Sequoia World Map

San Sequoia is the brand new world with The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion. The new world features twelve new lots spread across three neighborhoods.

Anchorpoint Wharf, San Sequoia

Once the center of a bustling fishing and canning industry. Anchorpoint Wharf is known as a vibrant downtown area. featuring a movie theater, parklets, and more. There’s plenty to keep all ages entertained.

Anchorpoint Wharf - San Sequoia
Anchorpoint Wharf – San Sequoia

The Lots

  • Robles Point
  • Manzanita Terrace
  • Anchorpoint Libray
  • Anchorpoint Abode
  • Anchorpoint Movie Theater (Rabbit Hole Lot)

Robles Point

San Sequoia Home
Robles Point, Anchorpoint Wharf

Home to the Roble’s Household, this 50×40 residential lot is located in the heart of Anchorpoint Wharf. Featuring four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this modern family home is perfect for any Sims family.

  • Lot Price – $97,168
  • Traits – Convivial and Homey
  • Challenges – Quake Zone

Manzanita Terrace

Manzanita Terrace, San Sequoia
Manzanita Terrace, San Sequoia

The only empty lot in Anchorpoint Wharf. This 30×20 lot comes in at $2,245 and comes with the Bracing Breezes and Natural Light Lot Traits. Just look at that view across the water!

Anchorpoint Library

Anchorpoint Library
Anchorpoint Library, San Sequoia

This 30×20 lot is the heart and soul of Anchorpoint Whaft. Featuring Fast Internet and plenty of Natural Light this is certainly one modern library!

Anchorpoint Abode

Anchorpoint Abode, Rental, San Sequoia
Rental Lot, Anchorpoint Abode

A beautiful Rental property in the heart of San Sequoia’s Anchorpoint Wharf. This 30×20 lot comes with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also boasts big open spaces and gorgeous views of the San Sequoia bridge!

  • Rent Per Day – $926
  • Lot Traits – Natural light and Bracing Breezes

San Sequoia Movie Theater

TS4 x64 2023 03 16 19 52 19
San Sequoia Movie Theater

Even though this is a rabbit hole lot type, you will be able to find the movie theater in the Anchorpoint Wharf Neighbourhood.

Next up is the quiet and cozy suburb of Hopewell Hills!

Hopewell Hills, San Sequoia

Hopewell Hills is a cozy spot away from the hustle and bustle of town; the perfect place for anyone who wants, well, space! If the suburbs are your idea of paradise, you’ve found it here in this quiet neighborhood.

TS4 x64 2023 03 16 20 41 41
Hopewell Hills, San Sequoia

The Lots

  • 7 Eucalyptus Lane
  • 23 Eucalyptus Lane
  • 7 Bayani Place
  • Sequoia Cottage

7 Eucalyptus Lane

TS4 x64 2023 03 16 20 44 15
7 Eucalyptus Lane, Hopewell Hills

Home to the Michaelson Household, this beautiful family home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. That’s not to mention plenty of space for all the family across the whole home!

  • Lot Price – $89,833
  • Lot Traits – Homey and Convivial

23 Eucalyptus Lane

23 Eucalyptus Lane, San Sequoia
23 Eucalyptus Lane, Hopewell Hills

This empty 30×20 residential lot will cost your Sims $2,290. Despite the low price, this lot also features great acoustics and plenty of natural light!

7 Bayani Place

TS4 x64 2023 03 16 20 50 58
7 Bayani Place, Hopewell Hills

Home to the Luna-Sullivan household, this modern and spacious family home sits on a lovely 30×20 lot looking over the water.

  • Lot Price – $63,328
  • Lot Traits – Fast Internet, Bracing Breezes, and Homey
  • This lot features three bedrooms and three bathrooms

Sequoia Cottage

TS4 x64 2023 03 16 21 00 12
Sequoia Cottage, Hopewell Hills

This pre-made cottage comes in at $21,599 and is located right in the heart of the suburb of Hopewell Hills. Included in this cottage are four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is conveniently located near the local play park. This lot also boasts fast internet and bracing breezes.

We’ve got one more neighborhood to explore! Are you ready to discover Gilbert Gardens?

Gilbert Gardens, San Sequoia

Gilbert Gardens’ gorgeous park was once owned by Gilbert Gilberts, a land developer who helped establish the area. Now, it’s the perfect locale for family trips to the gardens – where amongst other activities Sims can take a walk on one of the three scenic lake walking paths or visit the community’s Splash Pad play area. Whalebert is hoping to see you soon!

TS4 x64 2023 03 16 21 27 06
Gilbert Gardens, San Sequoia

The Lots

  • 13 Acacia Avenue
  • 18 Celebration Way
  • Parkside Place
  • Celebration Centre

13 Acacia Avenue

13 Acacia Avenue, Gilbert Garden
13 Acacia Avenue, Gilbert Gardens

Home to the Robles-Ruano household, this 40×30 lot is the perfect family home. Located at the very north of Gilbert Gardens, this home has views toward the lake and is in close proximity to the Celebration Center.

  • Lot Price – $83,772
  • Lot Traits – Convivial, Bracing Breezes, Romantic Aura
  • This lot features two bedrooms and one bedroom

18 Celebration Way

Parkside Place, Gilbert Gardens
18 Celebration Way, Gilbert Gardens

This unique empty 40×20 lot is perfect for Sims looking to build their first family home! Costing just, $2,685 it has the potential to become the perfect home! You’ll also get great views and plenty of natural light too!

Parkside Place

Parkside Place, Gilbert Garden
Parkside Place, Gilbert Gardens

This ready-to-move-into home is perfect for a small Sims household. Featuring two bedrooms and a bathroom is not only cozy but homey too! Costing $18,800 it is great value for money. It’s just important to remember that this 30×20 lot is located in a quake zone though!

Celebration Center

Celebration Centre, Gilbert Gardens
Celebration Centre, Gilbert Gardens

A brand new lot type for The Sims 4! The recreation center is your Sims’ one-stop location for a variety of activities and events. This is also the only 64×64 lot that comes in The Sims 4 Growing Together world of San Sequoia.

  • Lot Price – $170,951
  • Lot Traits – Fast Internet, Study Spot, Great Acoustics

Well, that’s everything that you need to know about the world of San Sequoia! Which area of the new world will you be moving to with your Sims? Let us know in the comments below!

You can find more information about both San Sequoia and The Sims 4 Growing Together, here.

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