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The Sims 4 Family Homes: Gallery Spotlight (Base Game)

sims 4 family homes base game

Looking to start fresh? Check out these Base Game Sims 4 Family Homes!

With the recently released The Sims 4 Growing Together, we wanted to take a look at some fantastic Sims 4 family homes! Be it big or small, modern or retro, what ever the theme, size or style there are plenty of creations to chose from on The Gallery!

Now, here at Sims Community, the Team and I love seeing the amazing creations from our talented community! Be it individual Sims, households, builds or stories, there are many incredible creations just waiting to be found!

We searched The Gallery for our favourite Sims 4 Family Homes. The only criteria for our search and this Gallery Spotlight was that they must be from the Base Game! After spending time looking through our search results, we narrowed it down to our top eight family homes!

Let’s take a closer look at our favourite The Sims 4 family homes!

Perfect Cottage

Sims 4 Family Homes
Perfect Cottage by Audrey7621

This beautiful cottage is the perfect home for a young family. Featuring two bedrooms and a bathroom, plenty of outdoor space and a small pool!

Fairfield Gardens

TS4 x64 2023 05 12 13 19 52
Fairfield Gardens by ruthless_kk

A spacious farmhouse family home features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. With plenty of space both indoors and outdoors for a larger family or even a family looking for more space in general!

Sunny Small Beach House

TS4 x64 2023 05 12 13 31 32
Sunny Small Beach House by Poutine32

This Sunny Beach House might be small but offers plenty of space for a new young family! Featuring two bedrooms (one of which currently doubles as an office space) and one bathroom, this is the perfect home for a new family.

Family Dream

TS4 x64 2023 05 12 13 38 48
Family Dream by Daniel_SimFansDE
Sims 4 Family Homes - Interior
First Floor

The dream family home! With plenty of space for the whole family with three bedrooms and bathrooms, this modern family home is brilliant for Sims looking to move into something a little bigger.

  • Lot Size: 30×20
  • Price: $162,585
  • Gallery ID: Daniel_SimFansDE
  • The Gallery Link

We’re halfway through our spotlight on The Sims 4 family homes! Are you ready for more?

Fosters Cottage

Sims 4 Family Homes - Fosters Cottage
TSFosters Cottage by flubber32c4
TS4 x64 2023 05 12 14 20 28
Patio & Pool Space

A cute family cottage. Originally belonging to Flubber32c4’s Henry and Elisabeth Foster. This two bedroom and three bathroom home has everything your family needs, including an outdoor pool that the family can enjoy during the Summer season!

Base Game Family Home

TS4 x64 2023 05 12 14 55 33
Base Game Family Home by Simlicy

A cosy Sims 4 family home with three bedrooms and one bathroom. Perfect for any kind of family or even as a home that is kept in the family for generations! With a large outdoor space with plenty of room for activities and gardening, this is one beautiful family home!

Family Starter Homer

TS4 x64 2023 05 12 15 15 06
Family Starter Home by Mac1985Co
TS4 x64 2023 05 12 15 15 21
Ground Floor

This family home features everything your Sims need! With three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, a spacious living area as well as a large garden and driveway space, this starter home is the ideal home for a new Sims family!

The Sims 1 Intro House

TS4 x64 2023 05 12 15 26 21
The Sims 1 Intro House by Itamar_netto

Throw it back to this family home from the original The Sims game. More importantly, from the intro trailer! Now it has been reimagined for The Sims 4! With three bedrooms and bathrooms, this home offers plenty to your household with so much space both indoors and out!

That’s all for our Base Game Sims 4 Family Homes showcase. What other lot types would you like to see us shine the spotlight on? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, be sure to stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest news and information from The Sims franchise!

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