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11 Exciting The Sims 4 CAS Challenges To Check Out!

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Looking to start a fresh Sims 4 CAS Challenge? Check out our recommendations!

Do you ever find yourself, sitting in Create A Sims wondering what kind of Sim to create? Well, we have a variety of Create A Sim Challenges for you to help beat the Create A Sim block.

We’ve got everything from summer themes to family-inspired Sims 4 CAS Challenges to occult inspired and even a K-Pop Challenge! With so many different themes and prompts there is something for everyone to check out.

The Sims 4 Create A Sim Challenges

30 Days of Summer

Madsimming has created this lovely summer-themed CAS challenge that is spread over the course of thirty days. Full of beautiful summer and exciting summer themes, dress your Sims to the theme to make the ultimate summer looks!

You can also use the hashtag, #maadsummer to see other player’s creations too!

Sims 4 CAS Challenges - 30 Days of Summer by MadsSimming
30 Days of Summer by Madsimming

Date Night CAS Challenge

Mickimagnum has created a lovely little Date Night-themed Sims 4 CAS Challenge. With a choice of fourteen different prompts, there is a theme for everyone in this romantic CAS challenge.

You can also use the hashtag, #datenightcas to see other player’s creations too!

Sims 4 CAS Challenge
Mickimagnum’s Date Night CAS Challenge

Growing The Family

Inspired by The Sims 4 Growing Together, why not have a look at the Growing The Family Challenge by MogSimmer! With twenty varied family-orientated prompts, grab your Sims and dress the part!

Have a look at the #GrowingFamilyCAS tag for more family fun!

GrowingFamilyCAS by MogSimmer
GrowingFamilyCAS by MogSimmer

Sim Thru The Decade

Now, if you are looking for something a little different, why not have a look at this decade-inspired Sims 4 CAS Challenge? Created by Grenesims, you have nine different prompts focusing on the events of different stages of your Sims’ lives, what life events will you highlight at each stage?

Be sure to take a look at the #SimThruTheDecades hashtag to see more stories!

Sims 4 CAS Challenge
SimThruTheDecades by Grenesims


Why not show those Elder Sims some love in this beautiful Elder-a-Day challenge by Plumdot! Featuring fifteen interesting prompts, explore a side of your Elders you might not normally think to do so!

Create the ultimate mini lookbook for your Elder Sims in this fun challenge!

Elder a Day by Plumdot
Elder a Day by Plumdot


We’ve talked about Elders but now it’s time for Teens! With everything from Cheer Captain, theatre kid, and more, there is plenty to explore in this twenty-eight-day challenge from Dizzywhims. So why not explore a range of themes with your Teen Sims today?

Don’t forget to check out the #teen-a-day hashtag too!

Sims 4 CAS Challenge
Teen A Day Challenge by DizzyWhims

K-Pop CAS Challenge

Are you a K-Pop fan? Well, this is the challenge by Ligyatrait is for you! With twenty-eight different concepts, many of which you see in various K-Pop music videos and comebacks on a daily basis. This time, however, it’s your Sims’ turn to explore them!

Don’t forget to use the #KPOPCASCHALLENGE tag when you upload your creations!

KpopCASChallenge by Mia
K-Pop CAS Challenge by ligayatrait

Summer Siren Challenge

The recent release of The Little Mermaid inspired Purmapup to create this summery siren challenge! With ten different prompts exploring a range of Siren-inspired themes, there will be something for everyone in this challenge!

Don’t forget to visit the #SirenSummer tag on Twitter!

Sims 4 CAS Challenge
Summer Siren Challenge by Purmapup

Mystical March Challenge

It might not be March anymore, but this challenge from Honeysylvan takes you through thirty-one different occult prompts. Typically, this is the kind of challenge that many of us would consider taking part in during Spooky Season, however, there’s nothing stopping us from exploring something more mythical and magical in the Summer months!

There are some amazing creations to be found under the #MysthicalMarchSims tag already, so be sure to check them out!

Mythical March CAS Challenge by HoneySylvan
Mythical March CAS Challenge by HoneySylvan

28 Bloody Nights of CAS

Do you like occults and are looking for an Occult inspired Sims 4 CAS Challenge? Then this is the perfect challenge for you! Created by Nikatyler, this challenge features twenty-eight prompts to explore a variety of different themes to have a spooktacular time creating!

Do you dare look at what is lurking in the #28bloodynightsCAS tag? Choose wisely Simmer!

Sims 4 CAS Challenge
28 Bloody Nights of CAS by Nikatyler

Sims Bingo

Sims Bingo is a CAS Challenge with a difference. Instead of creating various looks over a specified timeframe, Sims Bingo still offers you prompts, but in a way that you can do them at your own pace. This is also a great idea for when you are looking for inspiration for a new Sim too!

This challenge by Kiara (MusicalWhims) and those similar are popular on Tumblr and it offers a vast selection of themes for players to explore.

Sims Bingo by Kiara aka MusicalWhims
Sims Bingo by Kiara (MusicalWhims)

That’s all for our Sims 4 CAS Challenges in this post. Make sure you check out all the creators and the challenge hashtags for the individual challenges!

Why not let us know if you take part in any of the challenges mentioned in this post or what other Sims 4 CAS Challenges you have taken part in down in the comments below?

Don’t forget to stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest news, information, and original content for The Sims franchise!

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