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The Sims 4 Better Build Mod: Features Walkthrough

sims 4 better build buy

Unlock the full potential of Sims 4 Build Mode with this TwistedMexi mod!

Are you looking for a mod that expands on your Build Buy Mode experience? Then The Sims 4 Better Build Buy Mod is just that!

Better Build Buy is a highly popular mod for The Sims 4 created by TwistedMexi. It adds a variety of helpful features players can use to optimize their Build Buy Mode experience. This versatile mod is perfect if you are looking for an improved way of building.

You may also know TwistedMexi from some of their other mods. These include Clean UI, T.O.O.L, Better Exceptions and Neighbourhood Stories Viewer to name a few.

Better Build Buy Mod Features

The Sims 4 Better Build Buy Mod adds many new features to the game. It allows players to expand on their building experience in the game with a selection of helpful filters. As a result, making it is easier than ever to create the perfect lots in-game.


What kind of features can players expect to find in The Sims 4 Better Build Buy Mod?

  • Improved Filters
  • Individual filters for Kits
  • Organized Debug and Live Edit Objects
  • Show/Hide CC without the need to uninstall
  • Deletion Protection
  • Removes the need for certain cheats such as Move Objects.
  • Expandable Build Buy Catolouge
  • Lighting Editor
  • Cinematic Camera in Build Mode (Tab Camera Mode)
  • Integration with the TOOL Mod (requires the TOOL mod to be installed)

Video Overview from TwistedMexi

Here’s a quick video overview from TwistedMexi all about the Better Build Buy Mod! The speed run video covers everything you need to know

In Game Overview

The mod itself visually fits in with the overall game interact but it’s what’s past the visuals that make this mod so popular within the community and useful for players.

Before adding the Better Build Buy Mod to your game, you will have found the filters look like those in the image below.

Standard Build Buy Filters

Upon loading into The Sims 4 Build Buy Mode, where you would usually find the various filters, you’ll now find a selection of additional filters.

Sims 4 Better Build Mode Filters
Build Buy Filters with Mod Installed

The most noticeable difference with the mod installed is the new Better Build Buy Menu in the filters screen. While the other categories remain essentially unchanged, you’ll also notice that within Content you have some new options and in Packs you can now filter by individual Kits.

Let’s have a closer look at each of the filter categories!

The Sims 4 Better Build Buy Filters


Styles are as you would expect, an easy way to filter through various object styles in the catalogue including Boho, Suburban Contemporary, Luxe, Basics, and Patio to name a few.


Just like with styles, this filter gives you the option to filter by specific colour swatches of objects within Build Buy Mode.


The Special category is simply used to filter the twenty-first birthday objects.

Special /Birthday Filter Display in the Sims 4 Better Build Buy Mod


Under the Content section, you’ll find a number of options to choose from, these include the Unlocked, Purchased and Custom Content options that were standard as well as Hide Maxis, Debug and Live Edit.


Here you will find all the objects that you would usually unlock once hitting a specific level in a career or event.

Sims 4 Better Build - Unlocks


Purchased essentially shows you objects that you have obtained from the purchase of additional game content such as Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs.

Hide Maxis

A handy filter option that will hide all Maxis created content and leave you with any custom content you have installed displayed.


The Debug filter will add all the debug objects that you would usually need to use cheats for to use. This filter works across both Build and Buy mode, and all objects are within the catalogue sections you would expect to find them in.

Sims 4 Better Build Debug

Live Edit

Much like the Debug filter, this filter will allow you to add objects such as trees, outdoor decor and more to help bring your builds alive!


Custom Content

This filter gives you the option to display just the custom content you have installed in The Sims 4. To make it even easier to navigate this section, you can pair it with the Hide Maxis filter too!

Enhanced Sims 4 DLC Filters

The most notable change under the Packs section is the ability to filter by individual Kits. This is something that, without the mod, players can’t do normally and would be left scrolling for ages trying to find the specific object they are looking for.

Better Build Buy Category

The Better Build Buy Category adds four very useful options for players. Organized Debug, Move Objects On, Ignore Unlocks and Deletion Protection. Each of these are powerful options and can be combined alongside the other filters as usual.

Upon activation, you may be prompted to restart your game so that the filters can work properly. This will only need to be done once when first activating and they will remain active until you remove the filter.

Sims 4 Better Build Filters
Better Build Buy Filters Menu

Organized Debug

Finally, let your Debug menu be organized! With objects now appearing in the correct sections of the catalogue, you’ll not find yourself scrolling forever to find that one specific tree or decor item!

Move Objects On

Instead of typing in the Move Objects cheat each time the game loads, simply select this filter and never worry about it again!

Ignore Unlocks

Much like the Unlocks filter, Ignore Unlocks allows you to bypass any previously required requirements.

Deletion Protection

Fed up with accidentally deleting objects when trying to place or remove another? Well, fear not, as this option will help stop that from happening!

Like with any of the filters in this Sims 4 Better Build Buy Mod, you can combine multiple ones at the same time. It’s important to note you may need to restart your game for them to work fully.

Better Build Buy: Unique Features

Did you know that the mod also allows you to make changes to the lights when you’re in build mode? Well now you do!

Twitter user, Alex, shared a short clip of the lighting editor working in Build Buy Mode and it shows just how easy it is to make changes to the lighting!

Simply Shift + Click on the light you want to edit and you will be given a small pop up screen where you can make changes to the lights. You can also apply those changes to that individual light, the lights in a particular room, or to all the lights.

Sims 4 Better Build
A Preview of the lighting editor in Better Build Buy.

The Sims 4 Better Build Buy Mod also has a cinematic camera that can be accessed in Build Buy mode. It works in the exact same way as the normal Tab camera mode does in live mode! Not only will you no longer have to switch between modes to take the perfect screenshot!

Sims 4 Better Build: Cinematic Camera in Build Mode
The Cinematic Camera working in Build Mode

Did we also mention that there’s an expandable catalogue as well, which will display even more objects from the catalogue in one go!

How to Download Better Build Buy via Patreon

First things first, you’ll want to head over to TwistedMexi’s Patreon here.

Once you are on Patreon, make sure you check you are about to download the most recent version of The Sims 4 Better Build Buy mod. This can easily be indicated by the version information at the top of the Patreon post. It will also relate to the most recent update.

Example: As of 19th June 2023, the most up-to-date version of The Sims 4 Better Build Buy is v2.10 (Growing Together Release)

How to Install the Mod

You’ll need to install The Sims 4 Better Build Buy mod into your mods folder like normal. You can locate it in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4.

It is also important that you follow these exact steps as stated by TwistedMexi directly too.

1. Delete any existing copies you have for BBB.  
2. Open the “TwistedMexi’s Better BuildBuy v2.9 RC1”  zip and drag the “Tmex-BetterBuildBuy” folder  inside to your mods root. (No subfolders!)    
3. That’s it! Don’t restructure or move the files in any way NOTE: On Mac, .zip files may automatically be unzipped when downloaded. In that case, drag the newly downloaded folder to your mods.


How to Download Better Build Buy via Curseforge

Alternatively, you can also download The Sims 4 Better Build Buy Mod through Curseforge. To do this, simply search for TwistedMexi or Better Build Buy in the App or the website and install it directly into your game there.

Sims 4 Better Build Buy on Curseforge
Better Build Buy by TwistedMexi in Curseforge

It’s important to note when downloading mods, it’s important to keep them up to date when ever a new patch is released for The Sims 4. Simply check back with the creator shortly after the patch is released for any new updates.

New to modding The Sims 4? Find out everything you need to know about adding mods and custom content to your game here.

What do you think? Does TwistedMexi’s Sims 4 Better Build Buy mod sound the perfect new addition to your game? Of course! With so many options to optimize your experience with The Sims 4, this is one mod you should definitely take the time to explore!

You can find out more about all of your favourite mods and custom content for The Sims 4 over on Sims Community!

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