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Are you ready to explore the secrets of Chestnut Ridge?

The world of Chestnut Ridge is beautiful. Full of large open spaces perfect for horses, gorgeous views and New Appaloosa is the heart of the community however, did you know about the secret location hidden out in Galloping Gulch?

Whether you are up for an adventure (or not), we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave!

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave: Everything You Need to Know!

While there are no in-game requirements for making sure your Sims are prepared to explore the secret cave, there’s no harm in having a bit of fun and getting your Sim ready in an exploration-ready outfit!

Now that you are prepared, grab your horse (or any other animal or Sim you wish) and let us set off on our journey!

It’s also important to note that The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave actually has a proper name which is in fact Dreadhorse Caverns.

Essentially, you will be guiding your Sim through a text-based mini-game which you could say is inspired by Dungeons & Dragons! Making your way through multiple levels over time facing off a variety of enemies and obstacles along your way.

Where do I find Dreadhorse Caverns?

As previously mentioned, the secret cave can be located in the Galloping Gulch neighbourhood of Chestnut Ridge.

More specifically, you’ll be looking to venture to a lower part of the neighbourhood.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave

You can get a better idea as to the location of Dreadhorse Cavern by heading over to the bridge just to the left of the Canyon Crossing lot.

Once you have spotted the secret cave it’s time to make your way down to the entrance. To make the journey even easier, you can task your Sim with the journey to the entrance from the bridge beforehand.

Approaching Dreadhorse Cavern

Whilst on your journey to Dreadhorse Cave’s entrance, you’ll be captivated by all the gorgeous views and little details around the world. However, try not to focus on it too much as you’ll soon be finding yourself face-to-face with the entrance to the Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave!

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave

The Mysterious Cavern Entrance

Now, that you have sent your Sim into the mysterious Dreadhorse Cavern, you might be wondering what happens next.

If you hover over the cave when telling your Sim to explore the cave, you’ll notice a small pop-up appear. This will tell you the Cave Level as well as your Cave Progress.

Cave progress is measured out of one hundred and there are a number of different levels to work through each with varying difficulty.

Without further ado, let’s enter Dreadhorse Cavern!

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave

Dreadhorse Cavern: What to Expect

With your Sim now exploring Dreadhorse Cavern, who knows what or who you might encounter?

While you don’t directly enter The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave with your Sim, you will instead be presented with a variety of pop-ups.

There are a range of different ‘enemies’ that you may come across while exploring Dreadhorse Cavern. These can range from Bears, Rapping Skeletons and Spiders.

Here’s an example of one of the encounter pop-ups. It’s important to keep an eye on your Sim’s health as that can determine the action that you take.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave

Your Sim will need to defeat each enemy before it allows you to progress. Don’t forget you can heal during the process if needs be before you try to cause damage again. Sometimes, choosing the defensive option will actually allow you to progress further too!

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With each successful encounter, you’ll make progress further into The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave. Progress is measured in 25% chunks.

TS4 x64 2023 07 22 18 29 07 MellowBright

However, if you are unsuccessful, your Sim will not be able to delve deeper into Dreadhorse Caver. It’s also important to note that your Sims may also back out of the cave as they have done as much exploring as they wish to do that time around.

If your Sim does decide they’ve had enough or they’ve run out of health (don’t worry they won’t actually die), they will leave the cave and will need some time and then return to Dreadhorse Cavern at a later time.

Upon exit of this Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave, your Sim will have a Dazed Buff.

The Great Dreadhorse Escape: ‘Sim Name’ braved the Dreadhorse Caverns and lived to tell the tale!

This buff is obtained from Exploring the Dreadhorse Caverns and lasts eight hours.

Ahh, but wait there’s more!

And you thought that it was just the random battle encounters your Sims had to work through. Alas, there’s more.

As you progress through the different levels of Dreadhorse Cavern, you’ll be presented with some slightly trickier encounter pop-ups and enemies. Your Sim will from time to time be required to have specific objects within their inventory to progress. If they don’t have the specific item, you’ll leave the cave to essentially find the item ready for the next time you return.

The items you’ll need are all either part of The Sims 4 Horse Ranch or Base Game and should be easy for your Sim to obtain. Most you can find around your Sim’s home or at the local General Store. All you need to do is make sure they are in your inventory after you have found them/purchased them.

Take a look at this example encounter pop-up!

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave

Of course, there are more than just the odd (possibly chaotic) goose blocking your way that your Sim could come across. You may even run into a Mysterious Challenger amongst other obstacles during your time in the Cave.

Cavern Rewards

Throughout your time in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave, your Sim will collect a variety of different objects. These could be gnomes, woodwork sculptures, and fruit and vegetables to name a few. Your Sim may also come across some incredibly rare items and Simoleons too!

As well as the items you’ll find throughout the Dreadhorse Cavern, from time to time your Sim will stumble upon a treasure chest that they can decide to open or leave. Again opening it will give your Sim a chance at receiving a reward.

Better still, once you’ve finished exploring Dreadhorse Cavern, you can always sell your wares for a few extra Simoleons. The more you explore, the more you’ll discover and more you can potentially earn!

TS4 x64 2023 07 22 22 26 37 MellowBright

Are you and your Sim’s ready to take on the Sims 4 Horse Ranch Secret Cave?

Let us know what you’ll be doing to prepare your Sims for an epic adventure through the Dreadhorse Cavern in the comments below!

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