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The Sims 4 Horse Riding Skill: Master the Reins!

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Mastering horse riding takes dedication and practice!

Sims 4 Horse Riding skill

The Horse Ranch expansion pack adds both horses and the Sims 4 Horse Riding skill to the game. Building the Horse Riding skill is useful for pleasure riding but crucial for competing. The more your Sims build this skill, the more confident they’ll become on horseback, resulting in less riding mishaps and more competition wins! We’ll break down this skill for you in detail to help your Sims become the best riders in Chestnut Ridge!

Sims 4 Horse Riding Skill Guide

The Sims 4 Horse Riding skill is a major ten-level skill so you’ll need to sink quite a bit of time into it to reap all the potential benefits from this skill. The time, effort, and numerous riding-related injuries are worth it, though. Skilled riders can rake in thousands of simoleons per day at the most advanced divisions of the Equestrian Centre’s horse competitions. Your Sim will also look right at home on horseback if they’re more of the pleasure riding type.

Building the Horse Riding Skill

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There’s no special trick to building the Sims 4 Horse Riding skill. All you need to do is get on a horse and start riding around! Going for trail rides and training on horse jumps and barrels all build your Sim’s Horse Riding skill, so no matter what area you’re training your horse in, your Sim will learn alongside them.

Things might not go so smoothly for an inexperienced rider, though. Your Sim may get bucked off a horse’s back and look very unsteady trying to stay seated in the saddle. For this reason, it’s best to have a horse with high Temperament skill for new riders to learn on. Horses with high Temperament skill have more patience for inexperienced riders and aren’t as likely to try and buck them off their back.

Sims 4 Horse Riding skill

As your Sim becomes a more experienced rider, they’ll become better at staying in the saddle on a bucking horse and their overall riding posture will improve. They’ll be able to go from trotting to cantering and train more intensely on jumps and barrels. Just like in real life, the relationship between horse and rider is a partnership and building the Sims 4 Horse Riding skill is tied to the skill of your horse. The two of you will learn together as you spend more time on horseback.

Horse Riding Skill Levels

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There are 10 levels to the Sims 4 Horse Riding skill, each new level unlocking new interactions, benefits, and even reward objects. We’ve broken down this skill level by level for you in the table below.

Skill LevelBenefits
1No particular benefits
2Sim can Go for an Intense Ride and choose to Canter Here on horseback
3Sim can direct horses to practice on jumps and barrels by themselves
4Unlocks the Discuss Horse Riding interaction. Sim is less likely to be bucked off a horse.
5Sim no longer becomes Tense on horseback. Unlocks intense training on jumps and barrels which boosts the horse’s skill gain but also fatigues them faster.
6Better moodlets while riding
7Sim will never be bucked off a horse while mounting and dismounting
8Unlocks the Share Horse Riding Tips interaction which gives the receiving Sim a boost in Horse Riding skill
9Sim is likely to become Very Confident on horseback
10Unlocks the Iron Works Signage – Horse Riding reward object

Horse Riding Skill Reward

Mastering the Sims 4 Horse Riding skill will unlock a reward object for your Sims in Build/Buy. The Iron Works Signage – Horse Riding plaque can be displayed on a ranch sign or on any wall. Putting this on your ranch sign is a good way to let all your neighbours know you’re a master horseperson!

Sims 4 Horse Riding skill
Iron Works Signage – Horse Riding reward object in all swatches displayed on a ranch sign.

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