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What is the best Sims 4 Kitchen Pack?

Sims 4 Kitchen packs

What is your Favourite Kitchen Pack?

They say that the kitchen can be the heart of any home. So why would it be different in The Sims 4? Regardless of how big or small your home or kitchen space is, there are plenty of Sims 4 Kitchen Packs that you can use to make your dream kitchen!

While there are only a handful of packs that specifically focus on the kitchen experience, including the new Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack, many of the additional packs also feature a number of new kitchen-based objects.

Base Game Kitchens

Throughout The Sims 4’s lifetime, we’ve seen numerous different styles of Kitchens. In fact, throughout The Sims’ history, there’s been a variety of themes and styles as well as the objects that can be found in them.

From modern, rustic, industrial and retro themes, there were plenty of options to choose from in the Base Game alone.

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Culinary Edge Pre-Made Base Game Kitchen

With a number of pre-made Kitchens ready at your fingertips, players also had a selection of objects to make their own custom kitchens.

Yes, this also includes the giant cupcake-making machine. However, you can make more than just cupcakes with it.

Sims 4 Kitchen Pack
An overview of kitchen objects from the Base Game

While looking back at what was available in just The Sims 4 Base Game, it does feel somewhat limited. Despite this, players have been able to create some brilliant kitchens.

However, Base Game isn’t the only aspect of The Sims to give us more kitchen options. We have two dedicated Sims 4 Kitchen Packs and a large portion of the additional content also adds kitchen-themed content.

The Sims 4 Kitchen Packs

The first additional pack that comes to mind is The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack. First released in August 2015, this was the first pack purely focused on Kitchens. It gave us a variety of new Build Buy Objects, Create A Sim options and of course, the ice cream machine appliance.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

Sims 4 Kitchen Pack
Cool Kitchen Objects

Dream Home Decorator

While not specifically a Sims 4 Kitchen Pack, with more of a focus on interior decorating as a whole, Dream Home Decorator did give us some great new kitchen additions. From new modular counters to stand-alone hobs and countertop stoves, it gives players more options to make that dream kitchen.

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Dream Home Decorator’s Kitchen Objects

Country Kitchen

Currently, the only The Sims 4 Kit that has a core focus on kitchen building. This small additional content pack allows players to create a traditional Country Kitchen. Giving players a new stove and fridge, counters, cabinets and decors, albeit small it certainly helps expand the kitchen choices.

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All of the objects that come with the Country Kitchen Kit

Dine Out

Not specifically a Sims 4 Kitchen Pack for the home, but it does allow players to take on a more commercial kitchen style instead.

Sims 4 Kitchen Pack
A selection of objects from The Sims 4 Dine Out

You could also add The Sims 4 Discover Univerity, Get Together and High School Years expansions to this smaller list. All three add more commercial kitchen styles and food options for your Sims to try.

Home Chef Hustle

Last but certainly not least is the most recent Stuff Pack, Home Chef Hustle. Now we know that not only has this been a highly anticipated Stuff Pack since its reveal. It gives our Sims new ways to have the best cooking experience as well as being able to sell food to other Sims.

Sims 4 Kitchen Pack
Objects from the Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack

It’s important to remember that we also have the popcorn maker from the Movie Hangout Stuff Pack, Kava Bowl from Island Living, Hot Pot from Snowy Escape, and various coffee bars and machines from Get Together to name a few more additions.

Sims 4 Kitchen Pack
A selection of Kitchen items from various The Sims 4 Packs

Now, this leads to the next question. What is the best Sims 4 Kitchen Pack?

The Best Sims 4 Kitchen Pack Poll

We’ve created a quick poll where we want you to tell us which pack has the best kitchen additions for The Sims 4. Simply select your favourite from the list below!

What is the best Sims 4 Kitchen Pack?

Overall The Sims 4 has so many great objects that can be used to create the ultimate dream kitchen for your Sims. Be it appliances big or smaller, counters or cupboards, sinks, decor and more. Not only the vast variety of items are ever growing as we gain more new packs, but the themes and styles we can build into!

Let us know what packs you like to use when building kitchens in The Sims 4 in the comments below!

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