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Sims 4 Vampire Build: Beware Saying “I Do” Among the Dead!

Sims 4 Vampire Build

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s the perfect season for your occult Sims to tie the knot, and I’ve got a great Sims 4 vampire build for just that purpose! Your vampire Sims will love the spooky vibes of this wedding venue located in a cemetery.

A wedding in a graveyard? Sure, why not?

Of course, I might be just a little bit biased because I built this wedding venue. You should be the judge here and take a tour for yourself! Shall we take a stroll through the cemetery tonight?

Sims 4 Vampire Build Tour

sims 4 vampire build

Let’s take a guided tour through what might possibly be your vampire couple’s future wedding venue! From old stone architecture to a mix of rich reds and inky blacks, this is the perfect spot to get married if you’re two creatures of the night.

The Cemetery


Of course, the perfect backdrop for a lot like this is Forgotten Hollow so that’s where this beautifully eerie cemetery is located. Through the wrought iron front gates lies tombstones from a time long forgotten. Winding stone pathways through dying foliage and old stone carvings cast a creepy yet beautiful ambiance over the whole area. And when playing in live mode, the tombstones have swirls of mist around them for an even more spooky effect.


The pavilion in the centre of the cemetery is where wedding vows take place and a few stone pews allow for a small, close-knit clan to join the vampiric couple in celebration of an eternity together. Er, quite literally an eternity. The ceremony being held under a covered pavilion serves two functions; one is to keep the couple and the guests dry in case of rain or snow and the other is to protect all your undead Sims from the dangers of sunlight.

wedding pavilion

This Sims 4 vampire build was definitely designed with both beauty and utility in mind. After all, our occult Sims need different accommodations than their mortal counterparts.

The Reception Area


Speaking of vampiric accommodations, the mausoleum located on the premises is just a front to keep the mortals out. Rather than leading to an underground crypt, the mausoleum in this Sims 4 vampire build actually leads to a small but elegant reception area where your vampiric couples can kick back with a few plasma janes and listen to the soothing sounds of pipe organ music.


Including the pipe organ bench and the newlyweds, this cozy area seats up to 12 Sims so vampires looking to keep their wedding a private and intimate affair will feel right at home here.

dinner and music

A head table for the couple and a bar fully stocked with plasma will allow your newlyweds to sip their drinks in comfort and allow your guests to enjoy the free flowing drinks and conversation all night long. Just don’t expect to find a bathroom or kitchen. Those are silly mortal things that vampires have no need of!

The Honeymoon Suite

Is your vampire couple growing weary of entertaining guests at their wedding reception and eager to sneak away for some private time as married vampires? This Sims 4 vampire build has just what they’re looking for. A quick walk down the hall will lead them to the honeymoon suite where an ornate coffin sits ready for your vampiric newlyweds to, ahem… consummate their union. You know what I’m trying to say. Woo. Hoo. Wink wink.

honeymoon suite

Whether your vampires are trying to grow their clan or just enjoying each other’s company in privacy, they can rest assured that their guests will be too busy dancing to the pipe organ and ordering another round of plasma drinks to notice the stars of the show have gone missing for a few minutes… or hours. Whatever suits their fancy.

Download this Sims 4 Vampire Build!


You can find this build in my Gallery catalogue by clicking the download button below or by searching my ID, SnarkyWitch and looking for In Unholy Matrimony.

This Sims 4 vampire build uses no CC and just a small handful of add-on packs.

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