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The Sims 4 Poses: Our Top 5 Picks for Halloween!

Sims 4 Halloween Poses

Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate, we’re sharing some of our favourite Sims 4 Halloween custom poses! As an avid storyteller and a pose creator myself, custom poses are my favourite tool for bringing my Sims to life in a whole new way. The possibilities for what kind of stories you can tell are endless with custom poses and I want to share some of that endless creativity with you!

Here are our top five Halloween pose picks!

1. Party Poses by rebouks

Sims 4 Halloween Poses: Costume Party
Image Credit: rebouks

While these Sims 4 poses can be used for any type of party, they are perfect for hosting the best costume party in town! Get all your Sims’ friends and family together in their spookiest Halloween costumes and show off some of these poses in your screenshots.

2. Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin by simireen

Sims 4 Halloween Poses: Peek-A-Boo Pumpkin
Image Credit: simireen

These adorable toddler poses for The Sims 4 are a heartwarming way to celebrate Halloween with your growing Sims family. This Halloween pose set features a toddler having fun playing in a hollowed-out jack-o-lantern, which will never not be cute as heck.

3. Witch Pose Pack by couquett

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Image Credit: couquett

Halloween can be cute and fun but it can also be creepy, right? Set the right spooky vibes with this witch Sims 4 pose set for adults, children, and cats riding on a broomstick! After all, no witch’s outfit is complete without a black cat sitting on their broom with them.

4. Trick-or-Treat Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

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Image Credit: Beto_ae0

Beto is one of my favourite creators. I have a lot of their poses in my personal collection and this one is getting added to my game ASAP. This Sims 4 pose set features two parents taking their little toddler trick-or-treating for Halloween. It is the ultimate cuteness overload and I’m living for it!

5. Autumn Couple by Starrysimsie x KatVerse

Image Credit: Starrysimsie x KatVerse

This collaboration between two extremely talented pose creators is a must-have for the autumn season. Halloween can be very romantic, too, and this sweet Sims 4 pose set of a couple enjoying the autumn season together captures that end-of-the-year romance perfectly.

New to custom poses? Check out our beginner’s guide on how to use custom poses!

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