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The Sims 4 Custom Content Spotlight: The Coven Collection Midnight Edition

The Coven Collection

Greenllamas has taken the time to revisit one of their earlier collections, The Coven Collection and give it a new lease of life. The Midnight Edition of this collection features the original pieces but with a slightly updated

So whether you are looking for a custom content collection to create a killer Halloween look or to up your Sims’ night out looks, then take a moment to explore The Coven Collection.

Greenllamas Coven Collection Midnight Edition
The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition by Greenllamas

About Greenllamas

Greenllamas is known for creating a wide variety of Sims 4 Custom Content. Spanning both Build Buy and Create A Sim. Including sets such as The Sangria Collection, Offduty Collection, Woodwind Collection and Gloss (a collab with creators Oakiyo and Simcelebrity) to name a few of their recent works.

You can find all the previously mentioned collections and more on Greenllamas’s website!

The Coven Collection Overview

The Coven Collection Midnight Edition features eight revisited Create A Sim items. Each of the items are a perfect addition to any custom content collector’s collection. The items are versatile and work well with existing in-game content as well as other Sims 4 Custom Content. The range of swatches opens up numerous outfit possibilities too!

Sims 4 Custom Content, The Coven Collection
The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition Preview by Greenllamas

Now that you’ve seen the preview by Greenllamas, let’s take a closer look at what The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition looks like in the game!


The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition adds three new hairstyles to the game. Two long styles in different variants and one short style with bangs. All of which come in the standard EA colours!

10 29 23 10 09 21 PM


A layered cropped long sleeve and tank combo and off-the-shoulder corset are the two new tops that come in this Sims 4 Custom Content Collection. Both of these come in a range of solid colour options with the layered cropped combo coming in a selection of patterned swatches too!


One new skirt has also been added with the Midnight Edition. This comes in over twenty-five swatches with a variety of patterned and solid colour options.

10 29 23 10 04 10 PM

Full Body

This off-the-shoulder shirt and corset combo will make the ultimate Halloween look if they are planning on hitting the club or local concert! Again, this comes in a variety of patterned and solid colour swatches!

10 29 23 10 03 51 PM


No outfit is complete without a pair of killer heels!

10 29 23 10 05 45 PM

How to Download This Sims 4 Custom Content Collection

Now you’ve seen the preview, you’re probably wondering how you can download this Sims 4 Custom Content Collection. In fact, it’s really easy!

Don’t worry, this Sims 4 Custom Content Collection is Base Game friendly and requires no additional packs.


The quickest and easiest way to add The Coven Collection is via the Curseforge. Simply search for either Greenllamas or The Coven Collection Midnight Edition and download straight into your game from there.

You can also download The Coven Collection through Greenllamas’s Patreon however, you will be redirected to Curseforge to download.

Our Lookbook & Thoughts

We loved this revised version of The Coven Collection and wanted to create a couple of quick Halloween/punk rock inspired looks using Greenllamas’s custom content!

Feelin’ Green

The Coven Collection

Not going to a Halloween party? Just eating up with friends at the local Club or Pub instead? Then this look is for your Sim! While it could be turned into a Halloween look later in the night, this is more of a comfortable yet practical outfit for just hanging out with friends. The Beanie and Hair combo is excellent and paired with the corset the look brings that Punk Rock vibe together.

  • Hair: Long Loose Waves (The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition)
  • Top: Off Shoulder Corset (The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition)
  • Bottom: Ripped Shorts (Werewolves)
  • Shoes: Skater Sneakers (Grunge Revival)
  • Accessories: Bracelet (Werewolves) Beanie & Necklace (Grune Revival)
  • Makeup: Eyeshadow (Luxury Party) Eyeliner (Base Game), Blush (Mac x Base Game) Lips (Mac x Base Game) Nails (Spa Day)

Witchy Vibes

TS4 x64 milkeeme milkbeam 2023 10 30 00 08 35

You can never go wrong with a Witch outfit for Halloween. This combination of accessories from Spooky Stuff along with the shoes and full body outfit from The Coven Collection work wonderfully together! In a classic but strikingly cool look, it all comes together perfectly. The ultimate go to Halloween look!

  • Hair:  Long Loose Waves, Tucked Behind Ear (The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition)
  • Full Body: Off Shoulder Shirt Dress with Corset Belt (The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition)
  • Shoes: Over Ankle Boots (The Coven Collection: Midnight Edition)
  • Accessories: Witches Hat & Spiderweb Tights (Spooky Stuff), Earrings (Growing Together) Necklace (Cottage Living)
  • Makeup: Eyeliner & Blush (Mac x Base Game) Lipstick (Realm of Magic) Nails (Carnaval Streetwear)

So, what do we think?

Well, The Coven Collection Midnight Edition is welcomed addition to any custom content users collection. We loved how versatile the whole collection is as a whole. However, when breaking it down and experimenting with more looks, we discovered that the outfit possibilities are endless!

Naturally we found that the occult Game Packs of Werewolves and Realm of Magic were great packs that worked well with Greenllamas’s custom content as well as the recently released Grunge Revival Kit. Not to mention The Sims 4 Base Game also had a few surprising combinations. Spooky Stuff was another pack that allowed us more options from a Halloween perspective and we wish we could share more than the two looks featured in this post.

As for the three new hairstyles, they will be showcased in our everyday game play going forward!

This is definetly a Custom Content collection you don’t want to miss out on!

More From Greenllamas

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Did you download The Coven Collection Midnight Edition? Let us know what you think of the collection or if you are planning on downloading it in the comments!

For more The Sims 4 Custom Content, check out our dedicated Custom Content section of Sims Community!

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