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Discover Helpful Sims 4 Discovery Quests: Always on the Move

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The Sims 4 Discovery Quests are a new tutorial feature added to the game with the October 31st, 2023 free game update. They are quick and easy interactive tutorials designed to help players find their footing in the game and learn the basic mechanics. While veteran players probably won’t learn anything new from these quests, the free rewards may still make them worth your while to do.

Learn how to complete the Always On the Move discovery quest for potion rewards!

While playing a new game, you may be offered the opportunity to do the Always On the Move discovery quest. This quest will walk you through traveling and socializing with other Sims off of your home lot. It’s very straight forward and quick to complete and the rewards are worth the minute or so of effort, in our opinion.

The Sims 4 Discovery Quests: Always On the Move Walkthrough

Read on for a quick and a detailed breakdown of how to complete the Always on the Move Sims 4 discovery quests!

Quick Guide

Sims 4 discovery quests

If you just want to know what the goals and rewards are for the Always on the Move Sims 4 Discovery Quests, you can get the quick and easy breakdown right below. Good luck on your quest!

Quest Goals

  • Travel to a Public Venue
  • Meet 1 Sim
  • Socialize with Sims x2
  • Go Home

Quest Rewards

  • Flirty Potion x1
  • Happy Potion x1

Detailed Guide

Need more instruction? Perhaps you’re a new player still learning the ropes. Not to worry! We’ll walk you through every step so you too can complete Sims 4 discovery quests and enjoy some sweet rewards.

Starting the Quest

always on the move

If you don’t have the Always On the Move Sims 4 discovery quests currently, you’ll have to trigger it through gameplay. Since discovery quests are new, we’re still figuring out the finer details about how to trigger them but after running a few tests, it seems like you have a good chance of triggering a discovery quest if you do things related to that discovery quest. For Always On the Move, that means traveling. In our case, we received an offer to start this quest shortly after returning home from a community lot.

Sims 4 discovery quests offers will come in the form of a phone notification in the bottom left of your screen. You can choose to reject the quest, accept it, or save it for a later time.

Completing the Quest Goals

Once you’ve accepted this Sims 4 discovery quests, you’ll have a series of goals to complete in the top left corner of your screen. You can complete these as quickly or as leisurely as you want, it’s up to you. If you’re speeding your way through it, you can expect to be finished in 2-3 real world minutes, tops. The goals are very quick and easy to complete.

You can complete the goals in any order you want; however, only up to 3 goals will be displayed at a time. Completed goals will be replaced by new goals if there are more than 3 goals for a quest.

travel to a public venue
  • Travel to a Public Venue: A public venue is any lot that is not a private residence. Houses, apartments, and vacation rentals are all private residences but things like bars, nightclubs, museums, and parks are all public venues. Hit the M key on PC/Mac to go to the world map and select any of these venues to travel to. On console, move your cursor to the map icon in the top right corner of your screen in Live Mode and select it. The map icon is a grid of squares with a map marker on it. Then select any public venue to travel to.
  • Meet 1 Sim: When you first arrive on a public lot, there likely won’t be any other Sims there. Unpause the game and give it a minute for Sims to start arriving on the lot. If playing on console or a computer with lower end specs, it may take several minutes for Sims to start populating the lot. Once some Sims show up, select any of them and under the Friendly social category, choose any of the available introduction options.
  • Socialize with Sims x2: All you have to do to complete this goal is talk to a Sim twice. It doesn’t have to be two different Sims. So keep talking to the Sim you just introduced yourself to. Most Sims respond well to socials in the Friendly > Small Talk category at the acquaintance level (unless you are playing with Growing Together installed; then some Sims might dislike Small Talk). Either way, it doesn’t matter much which socials you select. Just socialize with a Sim twice.
  • Go Home: You came, you saw, now you’re ready for bed. I respect that. You can go home the same way you left home; by going to the world map and selecting your Sim’s house. However, a faster way to return home from anywhere is just by selecting the house icon in the bottom right corner of your Sim’s portrait. Congrats on your productive day out!

Reap Your Rewards!

potion rewards

Congrats on completing the Always on the Move Sims 4 Discovery Quests! For your efforts, your Sim will receive some potions in their inventory that will help them get into specific emotions. Being in the right emotion can help facilitate relationships. Your Sim will have 2 potions in their inventory: a Flirty Potion and a Happy Potion. Drink these to put your Sim in the right mood for building both friendships and romantic relationships.

Being Flirty helps your Sim land those romantic pickup lines more easily. Being Happy helps with fostering all positive relationships, plus the Happy emotion boosts other emotions. Take the Happy potion, then the Flirty potion and your Sim can become Very Flirty thanks to the boost from the Happy potion.

Considering that each of these potions costs 100 satisfaction points in the rewards store, getting two for free isn’t a bad reward for the minimal effort it takes to complete these Sims 4 discovery quests.

If you’re in need of a more detailed breakdown of managing your worlds and the Sims in them, look no further than our complete Manage World Guide!

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