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The Sims 4 Patch Brings Unexpected Features! (December 2023 Overview)

sims 4 patch december 2023

There’s a brand new Sims 4 patch for December 2023! This update prepares the base game for the upcoming launch of the new For Rent expansion pack, coming later this week on Thursday, December 7th, 2023. It also adds plenty of tweaks, fixes, and new features to the base game!

Check out all the new update features in the base game!

Some of the features added to the base game in today’s Sims 4 patch include the ability to boil tea water in the microwave (yeah, we know… monstrous but it’s apparently a thing now), an updated business UI, and the ability to assign sinks as either bathroom or kitchen sinks. Putting an end to the years-long struggle of Sims taking their dirty dishes up 3 flights of stairs to wash them in the bathroom instead of using the sink that was right next to them, hurray!

The Sims 4 Patch for December 2023

Check out everything new in the base game after today’s Sims 4 update! There’s a lot of useful and fun new content for players to explore.

Sink Assignments

Sims 4 Update December 5 2023 Sink Assignments

At long last! Gone are the days of Sims insisting on washing their dishes in the bathroom sink and not the kitchen sink! Players can now click on any sink on their lot and assign it as a bathroom or kitchen sink. Once assigned, Sims will know the difference between a hand-washing sink and a dish-washing sink and will act accordingly.

It only took nine years but hey, better late than never!

Household Control Switch

Sims 4 Patch: December 2023 Overview

When For Rent releases, players will need to go through a load screen to switch control to a household in another unit on the same lot. To cut down on unnecessary menus making that process even more cumbersome, lots and units now have a quick-control option. You can click on the front door of another lot or unit and select Switch Control to this Household. You’ll immediately be taken to that family to play with.

This will make playing multi-generational homes much easier. You’ll be able to take control of other branches of the family after just the one load screen rather than having to go through the hassle of exiting to Manage Worlds and choosing that household to play.

Indoor Shoe Rules

Shoe Rules

Indoor shoe rules were introduced in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape but now this feature has been brought to the base game. You can click on either one of the base game shoe racks to set the indoor shoe rules for the home. Tell Sims to take their shoes off and either go barefoot/with socks or to replace their shoes with slippers.

Promotional Bonus Pajama Set is now Base Game

Sims 4 Patch: New PJs

This was not mentioned in the patch notes but remember that pajama set that was only available to PC players with an EA Play subscription? Well that rather controversial pajama set is now properly available in the base game for everyone. Controversy no longer, hurray!

New Feminine Clothing in CAS

Feminine Outfit

Another sneaky thing that didn’t get a patch note mention in the Sims 4 patch is the new feminine outfit in CAS! Players now have access to a Southeast Asian fashion-inspired full body outfit for feminine Sims. The outfit features a tucked in shirt with baggy pants and a long ankle-length throw-over layered on top in various patterns and colours.

Business UI Improvements

The Sims 4 Patch: Business UI Revamp (December 2023)

Another change not mentioned in the Sims 4 patch notes. The UI for businesses has been cleaned up and reorganized, with vet clinics, restaurants, and retail businesses being in separate categories now. This is likely to minimize UI clutter when the Residential Rental business type is added to the game on Thursday with the For Rent expansion pack.

Boil Tea Water in the Microwave

Sims 4 Update December 5 2023 Microwave Water

Ever wanted to boil water for your tea in a microwave? Yep. You can do that now.

Edit Windows in San Myshuno Apartments

Editable San Myshuno Apartments

We’re not sure why this wasn’t mentioned in today’s Sims 4 patch notes. It seems like a pretty big deal but the update added the ability to edit the windows in San Myshuno apartment lots! Something Simmers have been begging for since the City Living expansion pack came out seven years ago.

If you were hoping the same would be true for Evergreen Harbour apartments, we’re sorry to disappoint you but apartment windows in that world remain static and can’t be changed.

The gurus did confirm that this Feature update was intentional, so here’s to hoping they’ll revisit Evergreen Harbour apartments soon!

Functional Radiator from Vampires

Good news for everyone who owns The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack! The Modern Iron Radiator object from this Pack now has proper functionality and can be Turned On. If you have the Seasons EP installed you’ll also be able to sync the radiator with the Thermostat!

With Seasons, the object will be able to heat up your home properly.

The Sims 4 Patch: Functional Radiators

What’s your favourite part of the December 2023 Sims 4 Patch release? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow our News category so you don’t miss when The Sims 4 receives new content!

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