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The Best Sims 4 Christmas Tree Farm Builds on the Gallery!

Sims 4 Christmas builds

If you’re looking for the perfect Sims 4 Christmas tree farm, you’re in the right place! Our favourite thing about the holidays is seeing all the amazing builds Simmers create and share on the Gallery, so we’ll be bringing you plenty of cozy holiday builds from Simmers just like yourself all throughout the holiday season, as well as custom content! Let’s start the holidays off right with our top five Sims 4 Christmas tree farm picks from the Gallery!

O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!

Why Christmas tree farms? Well, they’re the perfect place to take your Sim’s family for wintery pictures, storytelling, and gameplay! There’s so much you can do with a Christmas tree farm to make it fun and functional for Sims, as these talented creators have proven with their creative Sims 4 Christmas tree farm builds!

Festive Sims 4 Christmas Tree Farms

Take a look at some of the best Sims 4 Christmas tree farm builds the Gallery has to offer! We’ve hand-picked five of our favourites to share with you, each one bringing a slightly different but equally joyful flavour to the holiday season!

Tree Farm with Gift Shop by caramel_ohana

Sims 4 Christmas Tree Farm

Nothing says Christmas tree farm like evergreens planted in nice neat rows, right? I already feel like I’m at a real-life Christmas tree farm. Our favourite aspect of this Sims 4 Christmas tree farm build is that it also doubles as a gift shop! If you set it as a retail venue and mark the Christmas items on the shelves inside for sale, your Sims can own their own Christmas tree farm and make money off of what they sell in the gift shop. How cool is that? You could also send your Sims here as customers to do their Christmas shopping.

Nat’s Christmas Tree Farm by MOONL1GHTSEEKER

Winter Build

We can’t get over just how cute and cozy this tiny Christmas tree farm is! From the cobblestone walkways winding around a fire pit, to the hot chocolate stall, to the classic pickup truck with a tree in the back, this place just takes us straight into a warm, fuzzy small town Christmas movie! The no CC Gallery art also gives the place a lovely touch of realism.

Christmas Tree Farmhouse by BriaSimsYT

Christmas Home

I am such a sucker for a white clapboard farmhouse and the fact that this one is on a Sims 4 Christmas tree farm is even better! The home is fully furnished so your Sims can live here in this charming place. And if one of your Sims is an avid cook or baker, there’s already a food market table set up out front so they won’t need to leave home to sell all their tasty treats. A Christmas tree farm is the perfect place to set up a food and drink stand, don’t you think? Especially if the food and drinks are hot.

Tree Farm in Lights by simply_be_sims

Tree Farm

This is such a cute little Christmas tree farm. Our favourite thing about it is how kid-friendly it is. It has swing sets under a covered gazebo for children (and children at heart) to play in the snow without being directly exposed to the frosty winter elements! If you need a Christmas tree farm you can spend a whole day at with the kids, this is a great lot to visit!

The Christmas Tree Farm by alexasimi

Holiday Home

This place has got to be one of the most magical Christmas-themed homes we have ever seen! It would make the most incredible holiday rental lot because as soon as you walk in the doors, it’s like you’ve been transported to Christmastown. The sprawling Christmas tree farm in the yard surrounding a pond with swans is so delicately beautiful but on top of that, the inside of the home is just jaw-droppingly festive with no little detail spared. It’s something out of a Christmas movie and any Sim would love to spend the holidays here.

If you loved these Sims 4 Christmas tree builds, check out last year’s Story Starter Kit: A Royal Winterfest, which comes with a whole castle dressed to the nines for the holidays!

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