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The Sims 4 For Rent Lot Challenge Guide

Sims 4 Lot Challenge Guide

What would life as a tenant or property owner be without a Sims 4 For Rent lot challenge to shake things up, right? Well, in The Sims 4 For Rent, there are two new lot challenges that may make life a little more interesting for your Sims… but maybe not in a good way.

Add some spice to your Sims’ lives with new lot challenges!

For both residential rentals and residential lots, mould can now plague your Sims, and even cause their untimely demise if you enable the new Mould lot trait. And to get that fixer upper feeling in standard residential lots, there’s a lot challenge that will enable all of the regular maintenance a residential rental unit requires. And for players who own Eco Lifestyle, they’ll find that one of the lot challenges from that expansion adds some gameplay to the For Rent expansion.

The Sims 4 For Rent Lot Challenge Guide

Sims 4 For Rent Lot Challenge

Let’s get right into the nitty gritty of every Sims 4 For Rent lot challenge! Players will find that having these as optional features allows them to customise their gameplay the way they prefer it, which is always welcome in The Sims!

Keep in mind that although we are referring to these as “lot challenges,” when playing on a Residential Rental lot, these lot challenges become unit challenges. This means you can set these challenges per unit on a Residential Rental lot. Not all units in a Residential Rental need to have the same challenges.



Mould is a new Sims 4 For Rent lot challenge players have the option to add to both Residentials and Residential Rentals. With this lot challenge active, Sims will need to stay on top of mopping up puddles, keeping plumbing objects clean, and taking out the trash before it overflows or they could end up with a mould infestation. If the mould problem isn’t taken care of, it can turn into black mould, which is potentially fatal for your Sims!

If you do not wish to play with this feature at all, you can simply remove this lot challenge from your lot or unit. Mould and mould-related deaths are a 100% optional feature via this lot challenge. If you don’t apply this lot challenge to a lot or unit, you won’t have any issues with mould.

Maintenance Troubles

Maintenance Troubles

Maintenance Troubles is a new Sims 4 For Rent lot challenge. Unlike the Mould lot challenge, this lot challenge is only available on Residential lots. It can’t be applied to Residential Rentals. Why? Well, Residential Rentals already have this feature by default. You can’t opt out of this gameplay in a Residential Rental. By default, standard Residential homes never require maintenance, so for players who want to play out that storyline of a Sim buying a fixer upper home and needing to stay on top of maintaining it, this optional lot challenge will bring all the maintenance gameplay of a Residential Rental to your regular Residential lot.

Reduce and Recycle (Eco Lifestyle)

Reduce and Recycle

The Reduce and Recycle lot challenge actually comes with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, but it’s worth mentioning here because it does bring some additional gameplay to the For Rent expansion. In fact, if players already own the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, Reduce and Recycle is already applied to some of the homes in Tomarang.

This Sims 4 For Rent lot challenge (provided you also own Eco Lifestyle) goes hand-in-hand with the No Trash Overload tenant rule for Residential Rental lots and also plays a part in Mould maintenance if you have that lot challenge active as well. With this lot challenge active, Sims will need to stay on top of their trash output by sorting through compostable and recyclables in their trash so it does not overflow.

When this lot challenge is used in a Residential Rental unit with a No Trash Overload rule, failing to keep the trash from overflowing will result in fines from the landlord. On a lot with the Mould lot challenge active, it will contribute to causing mould outbreaks.

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