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Revisit Neighbourhood One & More in this The Sims 3 Save File

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Are you a longtime Simmer? Do you have fond memories of growing up in Neighbourhood One in the early noughties? Maybe you were an avid The Sims 3 player who loved exploring different and unique in-game experiences. Regardless of the answer to these questions, we have something with an added dash of nostalgia with an exciting The Sims 3 Save File for you!

The Sims 3 Save

About Philosimy

Philosimy is a nostalgic Simmer that has become known for their various save files that take players back to familiar worlds and locations from The Sims history. Additionally, you’ll find that they have documented everything from the original The Sims game in a handy database as well as dabbling in custom content creation.

The Sims 3 Save Revisits a Fan Favourite Location

Philosimy has taken the nostalgic Neighbourhood One from the original The Sims game and turned it into this amazing open-world experience in The Sims 3!

All of your favourite Lots, locations, Sims and more can be found within this The Sims 3 Save and at first glance, you would believe you’ve just transported yourself back to the original game. Take a trip to Magic Town from The Sims Makin’ Magic or revisit the vacation destinations from The Sims on Holiday/Vacation. Alternatively, you could have a Hot Date Downtown or experience how the celebrities live in The Sims Superstar!

With plenty of memorable locations to explore as well as familiar faces, this The Sims 3 Save is one you most certainly need to check out!

Take A Closer Look At The World

This has been a project that Philosimy has been working on for some time and you can tell. The level of detail within the The Sims 3 save overall is incredible. From each area of the world, the familiar locations from the earlier game, every lot as well as the Sims that made the game what it is.

Here are some screens from Philosimy of the world overall. You can click on each screenshot to take a closer look.

It goes without saying, that this The Sims 3 Save is amazing!

However, with such a large project to undertake, Philosimy also had help from some fellow Simmers! On behalf of the Sims Community Team and the community, we want to thank Philosimy and those who helped bring this to life! You can find out more about the project in detail here.

Downloading the Save File

Downloading this The Sims 3 save file is not only easy but also free!

The world was created with all of The Sims 3 expansion packs except for Into The Future. Additionally the High End Loft and Town Life Stuff Packs.

Before downloading, it’s important to note that you can experience this The Sims 3 save file with just The Sims 3 Base Game but for the full experience, you will need all of the expansions (minus Into The Future) plus the two Stuff Packs previously mentioned.

Wait, There’s More?

Don’t have The Sims 3, but want to revisit the original The Sims world in The Sims 4? Why not take a look at Philosimy’s The Sims 1 inspired world in The Sims 4? There is currently a beta version of The World out now that you can check out.

Read more and find out how to download it here!

Our Thoughts

We honestly can’t wait to check this out in more detail in our own games! As a team that grew up with the original game which is also where our love and passion for the franchise started, it will definitely be a nostalgic experience for us. Who knows what kind of stories we will create?

Have you taken a look at Philosimy’s The Sims to The Sims 3 save file? Let us know what’s been happening in your playthroughs in the comments below.

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