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EA forms a new team to help tackle The Sims 4 Technical Difficulties

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Plus, the team shares their Laundry List of fixes expected in the next Sims 4 Update.

In a surprising turn of events, EA has released a statement across social media about that they’ve taken a serious approach at helping solve The Sims 4 Technical Difficulties. More specifically, they’ve assembled a team that will help tackle fixing and improving the core experience of The Sims 4.

You may notice we’re investigating more issues than previous months; this is because we’ve assembled a team to invest in the core game experience, including tackling technical issues within The Sims 4 . We have continued to review reported concerns that have interrupted your The Sims 4 gameplay over time, and we recognize that this has caused much frustration. It’s why we have set out to form this focused team, which will be able to increase both the number of fixes we can address and how often we ship these batched updates. Our goal is to fix more reported concerns, both big and small, over the next six months and beyond to check off more boxes on our Laundry List. This is our first release, with others following roughly every two months. Keep an eye out for future Laundry List announcements for the latest run down of fixes.

On social media, Maxis has released a statement about the next Sims 4 Update covering optimizations for The Sims 4 performance including crashes, optimized frame rate and a more responsive simulation.

Our next patch will include some optimizations across platforms so the game uses less memory. As a result, you may experience fewer crashes, a better frame rate, and/or a more responsive simulation.

Thank you for continuing to play and invest in The Sims 4. Our team is more dedicated than ever to developing great The Sims 4 experiences into foreseeable future, and we appreciate your support as these critical improvements roll out.

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Here’s to hoping that The Sims 4 will be a more pleasant, stabile experience to play across both PC and Consoles. And now, here’s the official Laundry List for the new Patch scheduled for release on May 30th.

The Sims 4 Laundry List (May 2024)

Base Game

Cats & Dogs

Cottage Living

Dine Out

Eco Lifestyle

For Rent

Get to Work

Growing Together

High School Years

Horse Ranch

Island Living


The Gallery

What are your thoughts on the current and upcoming improvements? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest Sims 4 News and Updates!

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