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The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight: 02/10/14

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 Jasmine Rose and Joshua Shmiz created by Jacqpinks

Aspiration: Love.
Traits: Goofball, Hot-Headed and Self-Assured.

Aspiration: Love.
Traits: Romantic, Geek and Family-Oriented.

These Sims look like fun to hang out with. I love the color of Jasmine’s hair (I’m a sucker for Sims with un-natural hair colors!) and Joshua is the sweetest. 😀

Creators description:
Shmiz family, Joshua and Jasmine have an attraction, I wonder where the attraction takes them????

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Harumi and Dean Kim created by HarumiKim

Aspiration: Creativity.
Traits: Music Lover, Loner and Creative.

Aspiration: Athletic.
Traits: Genius, Good and Active.

Check out that ink on Harumi 😛 Totally love her style. Dean is the typical jock type who can show off his muscles and will most likely impress anyone! 🙂

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Natur Park created by birkenstamm

Value: §98,203
Size: 50 x 50
Type: Park

This is a very beautiful park that any Sim would love to spend a few hours in! It’s wonderfully created. Great job.

TS4 2014-10-02 22-20-06-85

Snowvale created by Arin_Kaylin

Value: §115,149
Size: 30 x 20
Type: Residential

A modern looking home for your Sims to enjoy. Have a couple of balconies to take in the views.

Creators description:
Modern family home with 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms. #nocc #modern #family #Lym81 #house

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