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The Sims 4: Loading Multiple Lots proven as possible?


O Sim BR proved that the simplest things can miss our eye!

The official screenshot that EA released on 4th of November celebrating the launch of Pools in The Sims 4 includes a rather important detail.


In case you didn’t know; the ability to see other Sims being controlled on the lot that your Household isn’t located in or that your Household didn’t visit isn’t possible. When you load a Household, the only area that where you can control Sims and see vibrant surroundings is your Household’s Lot and Public Area in that Neighborhood.

To demonstrate, I loaded the Lot where the Pool House on the picture above is located. I could select all objects and move my Sims around that Lot, but when I tried to select an object from a different Lot, it gives me an option to Visit that Lot which will give me a short Loading Screen. After I have visited that lot, the option to choose objects from my previous objects will only give me a ”Visit” option.

11-14-14_12-16 AM TS4 2014-11-14 00-16-42-53 TS4 2014-11-14 00-16-52-49

It may just be some sort of a debug option that EA has to make this screenshot more vibrant, but whatever it is, you can’t see something like this in retail versions of The Sims 4!

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