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The Sims 4 Get To Work: Ask A Guru Facts (03/03/15)



XopaxPax: The telephones in the Detective Trailer can they be buyed for your home also? Will a telephone be in a update also.

SimGuruBChick: The phone you saw in the Detective trailer is a special object linked to the Front Desk in the Police Station, with specific functionality. No other plans around phones at this time.

fullspiral: One thing I am curious about is the house calls. Would this be some kind of “3rd dimension” sim house that they go to? Or will the attend various sim houses in the community? I ask because I don’t have any NPC sims living in houses in my main game.

SimGuruSteph: You get house calls on higher level doctor career. The house and household are generated by the game. It could be a mixture of existing house and households.

KitOnlyHuman: Could you please tell us more about the photography skill? Will pictures be able to be hung on walls? Can you paint portraits now by using the camera feature? Will the “Take Picture Together” interaction now have an actual picture taken and placed in inventory?

SimGuruJill: Hi KitOnlyHuman, I can speak to your photgraphy questions! Yes, you can hang your photos on the walls and use the camera for assisting with portraits. Also yes, the “Take Picture Together” interaction will put a photo in your inventory when it’s user-directed.


1) Why was the decision made to not include home businesses (businesses run from the home lot) in GTW?

2) In a recent interview it was stated that GTW will add a new neighbourhood and new environments to the existing neighbourhoods. Can I ask what exactly ‘new environments’ means? I’m slightly confused.


  1. While you can’t run a business from your home lot, you are able to fulfill most of your needs on business lots. There are some things you’ll need to return to your “home” to do, but you can sleep, eat, and do most other things in a room above your retail business if you want.
  2. The new environments mentioned were specific to the new active careers: the Science Lab, Hospital, and Police Station. They’re in existing neighborhoods, integrated into the world.

RosiaMia_: Will the Doctors career have a wage? Will the release date for ‘get to work’ be the same for everywhere all will UK be later than US

SimGuruSteph: Yes! as a doctor you will have wages. At the end of every day you will be paid based on performance so make sure you complete all your goals! As for the release date, we have not announced a date yet

ems0309: Is this EP going to be available on disk? Just wondering because having to download eats a lot of bandwidth and some people can’t download a whole EP.

SimGuruCoop: Yes! It will be available on disk.


  • Will there be a trailer about Aliens or will aliens be added to base game?
  • Can doctors have ‘at home’ practices or small clinics? Will they be able to treat sick sims out of the hospital?
  • Could you please tell us more about the photography skill? Will pictures be able to be hung on walls? Can you paint portraits now by using the camera feature? Will the “Take Picture Together” interaction now have an actual picture taken and placed in inventory?


  • Yes, we will have an out of this world trailer for Aliens (see what I did there?).
  • Doctors can’t have “at home” practices but they will be able to make house calls.
  • Photography skill is really cool. Yes, you will be able to hang the pictures on walls. Yes, there is a way to paint portraits using the camera. I’m checking into the last part of this as I think the answer to selfies is no but I’m not sure.

RosiaMia_: Will we get a ‘retail shop’ trailer ?

SimGuru Coop: You sure will!

XopaxPax: Can you take pics with the cellphone?

SimGuruJill: Absolutely!

catloverplayer: Hi can the sims spouse or lover watch her deliver the baby in the hospital? And if you can answer is the secret alien world in the the science trailer restricted to only scientist who work in the science building?

SimGuruSteph: When your Sim is ready to deliver, there is an option on your Sim to “Deliver baby at hospital”. Once you choose to go to the hospital a Sim picker will appear. You can then choose someone from your household to come with you.

SelenaGrey: How come our sick sims cant go to the hospital to be treated?

SimGuruSteph: Sick Sims can alleviate their symptoms in other ways, like by drinking tea, orange juice and napping. They can also cure themselves by buying medicine from the computer.

agent_bev: One more… when you announce an EP, how far is it in the development phase? Are you still tweaking and adding new things, or is it pretty much just fixing bugs at this point?

SimGuruBChick: I don’t know if you know much about PC development but, unlike console development, we can keep working on the software right up until the last minute, although the last few weeks are mostly about polishing, tuning and bug fixing. There is a lot of work in an EP, so the design and much of the feature set is locked well before we announce, but we do have some scope to refine and add more content if it makes sense. There is a constant review process as we evaluate designs, test functionality and see what the impact is on related systems. That’s probably more information than you wanted 🙂

ceejay402: Can you give an example of the things you need to return home to do, I’m planning on having an empty lot as my home base so just want to confirm I’ve thought this all out, thanks again

SimGuru Coop: There are a handful of things, like paying bills, that you can only do from your actual “home.” Other Sims in your household will also return there after their work/school day, and won’t go to your retail lot on their own.

AndyGal: Is Alien abduction and alien pregnancy returning? Are there any new CAS traits in GTW? What about new aspirations?

SimGuruJill: On the topic of Aliens:
(soon…) 😉

ems0309: Are you able to tell the exact amount of new lots coming with the game? I have seen a lot of fighting on this issue and its really a downer to see everyone throwing 3 year old style tantrums before really having any information. Love this game so far and super excited for this EP.

SimGuru Coop: There will be four new lots in a new an entirely new neighborhood, Magnolia Promenade. Three of these lots offer new retail spaces for your Sims to visit, and the fourth lot is completely customizable for you to open up a retail business, or move your Sim’s household into.

MegandtheMoon: So, I was wondering if you could tell us all a little about how the traits are going to exhibit themselves in the new careers? Thanks!

SimGuruJill: Hi MegandtheMoon – great question! Just like a Sim’s traits will affect their normal day-to-day, they’ll also affect their mood at work. For instance, if my Sim has the Loner trait but she has to talk to her coworkers, she’ll get the “Stranger Danger” buff and get uncomfortable. It makes for some really cute story-telling opportunities.


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