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The Sims 4: CAS CC Lookbook #1


Hey guys! Here’s my first ‘Lookbook’ 🙂 For those who don’t know what one is it’s a Sim you create and put custom content on them then you give links to all the custom content that you have used. You can share your Sim with the world or just keep them to yourself and only share the CC, with my posts I will always share my Sims with you guys as a thank you  for being so supportive of this website. I hope you enjoy my first Lookbook, I had a lot of fun making it! ^_^


Hair / Skin / Skintone / Outfit / Eyeshadow / Eyebrows/ Boots / Pose 1 / Pose 2 


Hair / Skin / Skintone / Outfit / Hat (EA) / Eyeshadow / Eyebrows / Shoes (EA) / Pose


Hair (bow comes with it) / Skin / Skintone / Eyeshadow / Eyebrows / Outfit / Stockings / Boots / Pose 1 /Pose 2 

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