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The Sims 4 Spa Day: Possible Description from the Survey

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Back in October 2014, a Sims 4 Survey suggested an Expansion Pack that’s related to Health and Wellness. Today, The Sims Team teased Spa Day who’s name and video both match with the description from the survey.


Help your Sims live a healthier and happier life!  Participate in all new wellness activities including emotionally soothing massages, mud baths, acupuncture, steam room saunas, and personal training.  You’ll also have the opportunity to open and manage a wellness center to spread health and happiness, while earning some extra Simoleons in the process.


This isn’t the first time that surveys like this matched with previous Sims 4 releasements. The survey also shows concepts of Active Careers and Business Owner Expansion Packs (Get to Work), and an even older survey suggested Camping, which was introduced with Outdoor Retreat.

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