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LEAK: The Sims 4 Stuff Pack 5 listed on Origin!

UPDATE: Origin removed the SP05 listing several minutes after it’s discovery.

A strange listing has appeared on Origin with their latest update. After you go under the information section of The Sims 4 game, you’ll see SP05 PH listing under the stuff pack menu which probably means ”Stuff Pack 5 Placeholder”.


We advise you NOT to press the Buy Now button as this listing is just a leak. Wait for the 4th Stuff Pack first… ;)


It’s also worth mentioning that The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff has been rumored as The Sims 4’s next stuff pack. Could Spooky Stuff be the 4th Stuff Pack or the 5th Stuff Pack that’s listed on the screen above? Time will tell.

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