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Sims Community Social: Resources of the Week

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Hey guys!

Welcome to what we hope will be a weekly article.  Every Monday, we will be sharing the resources that were submitted to the Sims Community the following week by our very talented creators.  Please be sure to go download them and let them know what you think of their items.

Creator Membership on SC Social brings plenty of awesome benefits for Custom Content Creators, Modders and Builders. For more information about it, CLICK HERE!

Before continuing, please note the following:

  • EA does not pre-screen Custom Content /Mods and players should always exercise caution when adding Custom Content to their game files.
  • Make sure your mods are up to date. For a full list of broken and fixed mods CLICK HERE!
  • After each The Sims 4 Update your game will automatically disable Mods and Custom Content. You can re-enable them by going to Game Options > Other > Enable Custom Content and Mods.


16th Anniversary Wallpapers

This is a collection of some of the most inspirational quotes posted by members of Sims Community Social for The Sims’ 16th Anniversary, answering the question:”What does The Sims mean to you?”.  You can create your own Theme Pack so that the Wallpapers shift from time to time. You can do so by extracting the .zip file, selecting all the wallpaper image files, right click and ”Set as desktop background”.

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Custom Content

Nouveaulicious TS2 Conversion Floor Mirror 2.0 by Hinayuna

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Early Civilization Household Stuff by SrslySims

Dark Eyeshadow by Hinayuna


Vampire Dress Re-Texture by Wiccandove


TS1 Rabbit Hole – Outdoor Lamp by SrslySims

800x600 TSR

Leahlillith Blossom Recolor by Amarathinee


Leahlillith Candy Recolor by Amarathinee


Leahlillith Crush Recolor by Amarathinee


Nouveaulicious Table Mirror by Hinyuna


Old Hardwood Floor by DarthMe



No Alien, Bear, Ghost or Knight Night at the Bar by Tatiana/HarmonySims


Mod Description: Removes the alien, ghost, bear, knight bar theme nights and replaces them with happy hours. I changed the spawning Sims into party goers who should be in their party wear (low priority so they may not change). Your Sims should also not get any invites to those theme nights since I altered those files as well and the nights no longer exist.

Conflicts: I’ve tested this mod both without any mods/CC installed and with all my mods/CC installed and there wasn’t any problems or LastException file generated. So, no conflicts. It may conflict with any mods that changes bars or the theme nights.

Instructions: Unzip and pop the package into your mods folder. Enjoy having your Sims get their weekday happy hours back!

Children Can Gain Fitness Skill by ClaudiaSharon

simschildskillsfit (1)

You know how children Sims can gain adult skills after maxing out the Social, Creativity and Mental skills? But they can’t do anything with the Motor Skill? I always found that to be very annoying. But now, children Sims that max out the Motor skill to level 10 can start gaining the Fitness skill!

Notes: It does not change their weight, and only works in pools or on the monkey bars. They will still get the normal Fitness notifications as if they were teens or up, but they cannot use the fitness machines (because that’d just be weird).

This mod will NOT conflict with the faster skills mod over at MTS.

Also, this mod is Base Game compatible!

Swimming Gains Hygiene and Fun by Tatiana/HarmonySims


Mod Description: Swimming laps increases hygiene and fun.

Conflicts: Tested with all my mods/CC installed and no conflicts. It may conflict with any mods that alters swimming.

Instructions: Your Sims needs to swim laps. That is the way this mod is created.

No Autonomous Swimming 1.0 by ClaudiaSharon

This mod disables autonomous swimming, because the obsession with the pool is uncool!

Sims will now only go swimming if you tell them to. You have to click the pool, not just say “go swimming”, because trust me, they will not listen.

This mod is compatible with Tatiana’s Swimming gains hygiene and fun mod because they alter different resources.

Base game compatible on patch 1.14!

Meet Sims and Gain Performance by Claudia Sharon

This mod will allow your Sims to meet new Sims and gain work/school performance faster when using the socialize option while they are away. You can now meet up to 5 Sims in one work/school day per Sim! And your Sim will gain work/school performance 2.5x faster while meeting Sims at work/school.

This mod does not affect the Get to Work EP careers. Only the ones where you do not follow your Sim to work will it affect them. :)

This mod is base game compatible!

No Children/Teens in Bars/Lounges + Fewer Elders in Lounges by Tatiana/Harmony Sims

tumblr_inline_o1vtflLi5a1tv5sk2_540 (1)

Mod Description: Bans children and teens from the clubs and lounges. Also decreases the percentage of elders in lounges which means less elders being spawned.

Conflicts: Tested with all my mods/CC installed and no conflicts. It may conflict with any mods that alters clubs and lounges.

Instructions: If you have Get Together, check the meeting location for the children’s clubs. Some of them are set to night clubs (SHEESH!!!) and you will need to change that if you don’t want them in your night clubs.

Slower Motive Decay by Tatiana/HarmonySims


Mod Description: Slows down the rate of motive decay, you Sims will still get hungry, tired, etc but at a much slower pace.

Conflicts: Tested with all my mods/CC installed and no conflicts. It may conflict with any mods that alters motive decay.

Instructions: None, works fine with the steel bladder reward.

About the author


I’m Tatiana AKA HarmonySims/Simlish and Dreams on Tumblr. I’ve always been interested in graphic design, photography, and computers. I played Sims Freeplay for years before discovering Sims 3. An obsession was born when I pushed myself to become a better builder and learned how to make CC and mods for Sims 4.

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