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RUMOR: The Sims 4 Latin America Gives HUGE Teasers About Upcoming Content

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UPDATE #3: SimGuruLyndsay gave an official statement about the current leaks, neither confirming or denying them:

I am here and watching. When there’s anything official to announce or confirm I’ll be the first to tell you! I know you’re eager for news.



UPDATE #2: They leaked new info about Stuff Packs and Game Packs (thanks @SimsWorld for info) , confirming that Stuff Packs have been delayed over a Game Pack release that will happen soon!

What happened is that some stuff packs were delayed but now comes a new game pack. We still cannot tell you much, but I recommend you go to refine your culinary skills.



UPDATE: The Sims Latina America answered a question by @TurkiiToni about if we’re getting an EP03 announcement in June, where they only confirmed that a new Stuff Pack will happen and that it will come out soon!


Twitter users @TurkkiToni and @KaitoLen1 have reported that the official account of The Sims Latin America has been answering to some of their messages over their Facebook Page.

In the first image, user @KaitoLen1 has asked what are they plans for the future. They replied with:


We still can not say much. But, we’re fine tuning our culinary skills. Regards!


After asking are they working on restaurants, they replied with ”Shhhhh 😉 ”

In the second image,  @TurkkiToni asked about upcoming content as well, to which they replied:


For now there are no plans to make expansions or stuff packs that include Pets or Toddlers if that’s what you mean, but I can assure you that new Game Play will arrive that has never been seen in other Sims games. Stay tuned 😀


Please note that for now this counts as a rumor as we don’t know who exactly represented the official account behind The Sims Latin America, but what we do now is that the Restaurants hints from SimGuruNinja match with the statement from The Sims Latin America!

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