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The Sims 4: Restaurant Game Pack coming soon? (SPECULATION)

Before reading this post please note that this is pure speculation!

So far we’ve had 2 Stuff Packs for The Sims 4 (Movie Hangout and Romantic Garden Stuff) and it just feels like we’re missing out on some real gameplay. If the pattern from last year is correct (Stuff Pack – Stuff Pack – Game Pack) we could be expecting a new Game Pack real soon (maybe next month?).

Last month, SimGuruDave confirmed that he’s now working on Game Packs for The Sims 4, and today, he made a very interesting tweet that could very much refer to the next Game Pack:

TheSimScraper: Really need another GP, I hope we see it announced soon :( Please!

SimGuruDave: Hang in there! I know you’re hungry for news & I can’t wait to serve up some fresh info soon!


Does anyone else see any restaurant references there? ”Hungry for news” / ”Serve up some fresh info”. + This tweet was a direct answer to a question about Game Packs, so theres a huge chance that the third Game Pack is related to Restaurants.

Note that this isn’t any rumor but a real tweet by a developer on The Sims 4 Game Packs. Although it gives a huge hint for restaurants, you should always take extra caution and prepare yourself for disappointment.

What do you think, is this a real hint or just a double coincidence? Discuss with us on SC Social!

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  • No ! Please ! If this will be, i’m 100%, that they will try to do something like NightLife. But they wil fail. I don’t want to buy a new gamepack only for restaurants…

  • I hope it will be a restaurant related game pack! I love running businesses again (with the Get to work EP) but I was disappointed that you still can’t run a real restaurant/cafe. Sims 2 (to my knowledge) was the only one you could, so I think it would be a nice addition to the Sims 4! :D

    • When i heard this i really didn’t want it since we have Get to Work. But the way you put it made me rethink. Maybe it will come with seasons/pets probably not but stil hoping. :)

  • That’s just silly to think because he used a few words that it means anything at all.So far I am very disappointed in what we have gotten.I mean really I hardly play any more because there is really nothing to do.

  • I think that would be a great idea! But there is one pack that I think would make lots of people more interested in playing the game. A family pack. Or expansion. Add toddlers, preteens, and be able to go to school with your Sim. And a collage, with dorms. And be able to get a degree in jobs and have jobs require a degree in. And add cars for teen Sims! And have a a driving test for them! That would so much fun!

  • Really another stupid game pack we don’t need…EA wants to keep spending our money every month for all these boring ass game packs and stuffs pack that have absolutely nothing in them that we asked for…I think it’s very selfish of them to keep putting out all this unnecessary stuff when it will get old within a few months and then they put out another one..I for one WILL NOTHING be downloading all this mess to MY MAC computer taking up space when it’s not enjoyable..we asked for and have been asking for the longest time if we could get the things in the game that make it more real and exciting to play..9.99 isn’t an issue but when u get all these stupid appliances and other stuff it gets very annoying…We have begged and begged to get more furniture,more clothes hairstyles jewelry, bed and comforter sets with a very big selection of pillows,sectionals, cooking utensils and supplies,more jobs,universities ,graduations for the sims,seasons,more world’s with lots and lots of different sizes lots for apartments condos,townhouses studio apartments,maternity leave for pregnant sims,sonograms,gender photos weekly and monthly visits to see baby,vitamins,more jobs for teenagers and to keep the jobs for them to work after they age up..more things for the kids to do,toddlers,cribs,playpens bassinets,changing tables,pampers wipes and things a mother has and needs to do in real life for the sims,driving lessons,activities for the elders after they retire like sewing,knitting traveling to different,real beach vacations getaways with beach house rentals and a large beach for adults and kids..and plenty plenty of clothes, sports wear,swimwear,daytime wear night wear and just a huge selection..if I’m gonna keep downloading this stuff to my computer I want it to be worth it and money well spent, and more decorative items, lamps couches rugs,pictures,cars, trucks and SUN’S oh and did I say MORE JOBS…There are so many different jobs in real life and we need them in the Sims if yall want us to keep supporting these game pack,stuff packs and expansion pack that u guys are releasing..Just make it fun for us just as its fun for u all that make them…

    • NO reason to be negative. If you don’t like the content, it is simple do not waste your money on them. I also find it disrespectful because the simgurus work hard on every game pack , stuff pack and expansion only to negative nancies. Be grateful for everything in life. Also it takes time for them to make content that everyone likes you cannot expect them to put out endless content that is not possible the game is just a little bit over a year old. A game is just a game at the end of it all.

  • Oh sorry if I misspelled a few words it’s 4am and I’m still sleepy..NOT..typo..and SUV’S typo..correctiong my mistakes for the comment made above…Forgive me yall..HAPPY SIMMING SIMMERS!!!!

  • I want pets…
    But meh dont believe it will be restaurants, Get together dlc has clubs and a lot of new lots similiar to restaurants or bars.

  • I don’t hate the idea but it just isn’t anything I am hoping for, but that’s life. Plus, I kinda feel like he was just making a pun.

    Also, I think I should add that just because the Sims puts something out that does not mean that we HAVE to buy it. I didn’t necessarily like Spooky stuff. Did I buy it? No, I didn’t. There are so many crap DLC’s the team put out for The Sims 3 and I did not purchase any of the ones I didn’t really care for. Same goes for some items in the store.
    Plus, plenty of people buy the Sims stuff and like it 100%. My next point is that sometimes things take time. One of my favorite games of all times is Mirror’s Edge. It was delayed fifty million times but I’m super glad they delayed it because it looks fantastic. The sims delayed Get Together and I am pleased with the way things turned out. Also, these things take time to create, so keep in mind that the game did come out just barely over a year ago.

    And I agree with Tasheika to a certain extent. There are plenty of things that they should pay attention to. IMO Generations (especially if there are toddlers involved), Pets, and I am definitely in favor for more jobs.

    Instead of getting angry I always tell myself “All good things comes to those who wait.”

  • Brings back memories of Sims2 in which there were restaurants that you could go sit at a table, a waiter took your order, and then delivered your food. Gosh, it has been years since I’ve played Sims2. Maybe I’ll reload Sims2 on my computer and play that again. I’ve been disappointed with Sims4. Having to rebuy things that we had in Sims3. Sort of discouraging for Simmers like me. Maybe going back to Sims2 would be fun. They had apartments in Sims2. Apartment buildings, not like Sims3 downtown apartment of one apartment, but multiple apartments in a building in which you could have sim tenants in the different apartments. Ahhh, memories!

  • This is so exciting! It’s so fun to build restaurants, I would love to be able to actually use them! Plus it would be great for dates and family bonding time. Much better than always going to the bar xD

  • I really hope it is!!! I love bed that aspect of the sims 2 and bring it now would be amazing I Am running out of places to take my sims cuz I’ve taken them everywhere over and over and sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and omg if we could own one that would be awesome!!! Hope it’s true fingers crossed

  • just remember that the pattern has never been followed to the next version of the game, I have had the sims 1 origional version from the first day it was released. and they had never repeat exp packs alothough they may have brought some items and sim behaviours from them into the next sims game