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The Sims 4 Dine Out: Decorating Your Restaurant’s Interior

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Hello Everyone!

I will be giving you interior design tips for the Sims 4 in today’s Article.

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First thing to consider in an interior of a build is the layout. There are many different types of layouts, such as open plan layouts, closed plan layouts, etc. Choosing the right floor plan for your interior will enhance the style of your build. Each room to a build has its important features, they all have something that your sims need.

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Entry Room:

The entry room is very important to a restaurant build because that is where your sim are greeted and can ask to request a table. You want your entry room to be bright and welcoming. A little sitting area for waiting would be great for your sims, or sims that are waiting for a table. Your entry room should also contain the new object, the host station from the new pack, Dine Out, for your sims. Your entry room should reflect the style that you are aiming towards.

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The kitchen is essential to every restaurant because that is where the food is prepared. The kitchen must be useable for sims to cook in, decoration is not as important but is a good treat for the eyes! The kitchen should go along with the style that you are aiming for in your build to make sure that everything ties together nicely!

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Dining Room:

The dining room is very important to a restaurant because that is where your sims will sit and enjoy a great meal! It is important that your dining area has good décor and ties into the style that you are aiming for in your build. It’s crucial that your dining room works perfectly so that your sims are able to sit at the desired table. A lot of room should be provided for sims to get to their destination.

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The bathroom provides your sims with bladder control and hygiene. your sims will most likely need to go to the bathroom while visiting your venue, a good bathroom space will make your sims happy! You should put a lot of toilets so that many sims can use the bathroom at the same time.

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Outdoor Seating Area:

The outdoor seating area is for sims that love the outdoor space and takes in all the aspects of nature. Providing a outdoor seating area can make some sims very happy that love to have the heat on them at all times! You should also have the new object, the patio warming lamp from the new game pack, Dine Out, outdoors so that when it gets cold at night your sims can cozy up and warm themselves by the fire.

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