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The Sims 4: Friends and Romance Boost Week Coming Soon

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The Sims 4’s New Update brought new details about an upcoming The Sims 4 Boost Week!

Hey there little one! What’s that? You want to know about this Triple Boost Week you keep hearing adults whispering about? I’m not sure I should be the one to explain the birds and the bees… Actually, hold on. I’ve got a special version of this week’s boost I can offer you. Just ask me for a boost to relationship gain and you’ll find that you’ll gather friendship with others three times faster. Why not try it out right now? Grab my boost and scamper along to the playground; you’ll have new friends to play with in a snap!

Triple boost week is here, but it won’t be available for long… Take advantage of the wondrous boost I have to offer! Truth be told, I fancy myself a bit of a matchmaker. To that end, I’ve brought along a boost to all of your relationship gains. No matter if your relationship is passionate or platonic, I’m here to help. Simply ask for my boost and you’ll be making friends… or friends with benefits… in no time. Now get out there and turn on the charm!


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