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The Sims 4: All About the PlantSim Challenge

Starting April 13th until May 4th, you get to collect special magic beans, grow a tree and become a PlantSim in The Sims 4!

This will pop up the first time you open your game after updating to the latest version:

The first thing you’ll notice when loading your household is the seasonal challenge user interface in the top left corner:

NOTE: If you’re not really interested in this challenge you can disable this part of the interface by going to Menu > Game Options > Gameplay and selecting the Hide Challenge UI option.

Just like with every challenge, this one involves Jasmine Holiday. However, unlike with other challenges, you don’t depend on her unless you forget all the rules to this rather simple challenge. You can give her a call and ask more information about the PlantSim Challenge:

The rule to this challenge is to collect all 6 magic beans that you find from townies around neighborhoods. The magic bean you receive from a townie will depend on their current emotional state.

In case the PlantSim you ask for a magic bean doesn’t fit the angry, playful, sad, uncomfortable, flirty or confident emotion, the PlantSim won’t have any magic beans to offer. You can fix that by talking to them and getting them into one of these emotional states.

Once you get your first magic bean you’ll also get the magic PlantSim stump!

As you collect magic beans you can just drag them onto the stump. Here are all the magic beans that you can collect:

After you’ve collected all the magic beans and placed them on the stump, you’ll get an option to water it. After performing this interaction the stump will turn into a huge magical tree within seconds!

The tree has a portal that you can access. After exploring the tree for about 1 sim hour your sim will come back with the Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim. If you want to access the portal again you’ll need to come back the next day at 10am!

You become a PlantSim instantly by eating the forbidden fruit that’s in your inventory.

As a PlantSim you get to take care of 2 special Needs: Water and Hunger (which is basically photosynthesis).


While staying in the sunlight, the water need will decay much faster. PlantSims who keep both needs satisfied will be happy and energized.

Being a PlantSim is only a temporary thing. Plantsimism will affect your Sim as long as the following buff is present – which is for 5 days. After your Sim turns back to normal you can explore the mystical portal tree again and claim the forbidden PlantSim fruit.

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  • I cheated by using ‘testingcheats on’ and ‘bb.showhiddenobjects’ and found the stump and the beans. i aint waitin for nothin

  • I found the Water need symbol in the game files two patches ago, along with a Turd need (It’s a turd in that style) and a Grass need. Take that as you will.

  • I’m not very impressed with this update… I can just make a green sim already. Why is it only temporary? That’s not fun. They only have two special needs, they don’t come with their own content, and all they do that’s barely interesting is when they’re not doing anything, they sprout leaves and pollen, and just pluck off a leave (Whoopie an animation)…….. This is nowhere near as cool as the Sims 2 Plantsim. I give it a 2/10.

    • It’s a free update. FREE. It didn’t come with an expansion pack (like in Sims 2 and Sims 3), nor is it the subject of a game pack (like vampires). It’s a FREE update. It’s not going to be super fleshed out, just some basic fun. Like the Easter Egg hunts, the Week of WooHoo for Valentine’s Day a few years ago, etc. Honestly, I’m impressed that the Earth Day (I’m assuming) challenge comes with a LIFE STATE, how cool is that?! They’re probably just testing the water, and will see how people like it before making plantsims permanent. This group has been extremely generous with that sort of thing in this game.

  • Does anyone know yet what happens when you plant the forbidden bean instead of eat it? It doesn’t just make another portal tree does it? I suppose I’ll find out soon enough lol whenever it grows up. On the negative side of things, the stupid portal tree has taken up my entire yard and my sim can’t get around it to water her regular plants lol. Tomorrow’s problem to deal with haha

    • You get a tree that grows them.
      I planted it instead of eating it.
      The tree looks sort of like a banana tree

  • How can I get a Plant Sim to be confident? I have all the jelly beans except that one. I’m not sure what interactions I should use?

    • Getting a sim to be confident is sort of like just a chance. You meet random plant sims on the street, and they go back to normal sims after 5 days, so there isn’t much time. You can use confident items, ex. painting a confident painting and enabling the emotional aura, hoping they’ll pick up on it. Other than that, there isn’t much interacting you can do to make a sim confident.

  • i dont know either! I accidentally turned her into a plant sim while playing with cheats and now when i try to reverse it the same way i turned her into one it won’t work! You’ll just have to wait i guess :(

  • How do I turn my sim back to normal and can I change my sim’s hair? When my sim turned into a plantsim her hair changed into a short hairstyle.

  • You can turn your sims back to normal when you don’t give your plant sim nay water. So no baths. Don’t let them drink water. If you keep them out in the sun it’ll go down quicker. Your sim won’t die. They’ll just return to normal (:

    • One person said you turn back to normal, another said you die. Might just wanna wait the 5 days. I’d take the risk, I have 3 death flowers.

  • can you bring this back , I recently learned about it with a cheat that made a plantsim so I wanted to try the challenge but it was out a while ago and im writing this in 2019 and I wanted to figure it out ;w;

    • Hey! If you get your garden skill up, you can purchase rare and uncommon seeds, you’ll get the different beans there and purchase the stump.

      I did that yesterday =)

  • The easiest way for a PlantSim to return to her/his normal self is to have sex (with a normal person of course) and as soon as the act is over, the PlantSim will be back to her/his normal self. It’s as simple as that. Love making cures a lot of things people, even a PlantSim! If it can relieve migraines like it does for me and thousands of people, it can surely cure a PlantSim ;) LOL. So, the old adage: ‘Oh honey, not tonight, I have a headache,’ is pure and utter BS as having sex takes those headaches away and even alleviates the pain of extreme migraines! So, that excuse doesn’t work anymore. I used to ask my boyfriend to make love to me when I had migraines, not the contrary, LOL because it helped me out greatly and you always reap great pleasure from love making (when it’s well done of course) so, it’s always been a win – win situation for me. That excuse is now dead in the water people!!! ;)