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Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

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Reaching Level 9 in The Sims Mobile grants you the ability to attend and host other people’s parties! Yup, you can actually interact with your Facebook friends through parties in The Sims Mobile.

It’s pretty simple to attend a party – simply search for parties in the parties menu. You’ll have a list of newly hosted parties listed with possible rewards and who’s hosting them. Simply tap the attend button and you’ll be taken to that person’s home!

Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

There are several things you need to know about attending a party:

  • You receive free actions when attending a Party. Use them to make the party a success! (There are 5 free actions that you can refill with a party cupcake)
  • Party actions from everyone increase the averall party level. All players will earn these rewards!
  • Party actions also increase your individual party progress. Earn more stars for greater rewards!

Interacting with other Sims, as well as using specific party objects will earn you party points.

Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

Parties last for 24 hours. You’ll be able to receive your prizes after the 24 hours. During that time you can attend multiple parties, meet new Sims, gain XP and earn prizes!

When it comes to hosting parties, you can throw 4 types of parties:

  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding Party
  • Foodie Party
  • Studio Party

Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

You can choose different reward tiers which’ll let you earn better and more valuable rewards but for a price. You can also set your parties for everyone to join worldwide or just your friends!

Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

There are party objects that you can purchase in Build Mode. These provide new interactions and let you earn party points by using them!

Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

If you’ve set your party so that everyone can join, you’ll see Sims from simmers all over the world joining in. As they perform party interactions you’ll level up.

You’ll ensure your bronze award by collecting all the pink XP stars!

Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

Parties also provide some new group interactions which lets multiple Sims in your house participate!

Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

As your party group levels up you earn more Simoleons. However, it feels like this part of the game isn’t yet polished as I’m not really sure how working hard to level up just to get 1 simoleon is that rewarding…

Online Parties in The Sims Mobile

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