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The Sims 4 Pets: Animator lists “Quadrupeds” under accomplishments

Dennis Lai, one of the animators who works for The Sims Team has listed some of his accomplishments for The Sims 4:

Experience with quadrupeds, toddlers and human character animations.


Quadrupeds are basically 4-legged animals, which means that he was involved in the development of the upcoming Pets pack for The Sims 4. It’s also interesting to point out that he started working in August 2016, which could mean that animations for TS4 Pets have started with development in summer.

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    • Lol, we need one EP out before they start working on the next. No code found for them yet, unfortunately :(

      • It has some easter eggs in game about Seasons… Maybe they’re coming in the end of the year or first semester from 2018

        • Yeah, I’ve seen them. Seasons will most likely be available in 2018 since it’s highly unlikely for them to release two EPs in one year.

          • I’m hoping at the end of the year since the next pack (the fitness stuff pack) is supposed to come out in the Summer, so some time towards the end of the year seems like the most likely time.

  • We should be able to have large litters! Dogs, cats, smaller pets like guinea pigs (which would be awesome – especially if they come walk around in their little wheels) usually have several babies while animals like horses, cows and sheep (which would be great add-ons for a more farm-like family) tend to give birth to only one baby.

    • Large litters would be cool, but not very feasible unfortunately. Most games in the past have had a limit on the number of pets we can have in a single household, just like the limit on the number of sims we can have in a household; and as Sims 4 has the limit on sims, I’d imagine it’s going to have a limit on pets as well. In Sims 2 and 3, the limit was six pets, as long as the total number of household members (both human and not) didn’t exceed 10. Considering six isn’t too big of a stretch for either dogs or cats in real life, and the record is a Neapolitan Mastiff named Tia who had a litter of 24 puppies, you’d max out your entire household limit in one go!

      • That’s true but being able to become a breeder for example would be awesome. Plus, having the chance of going to the shelter and getting a dog or buying one from a breeder would awesome. There should, for example, be health differences between the two given that mutts have stronger immune systems than pure breds.

        It would be awesome! Veterinary and breeder!

        • I think we could sell puppies/kittens in Sims 2? I remember starting a “breeding” business. They just had litter sizes of 1-3 instead of 5-9 like real life, lol! I don’t see how they could differentiate between “purebred” and “mutt” although that would be really cool. Mutts are healthier and life longer, but purebreds are worth more money. And they could even have purebred-only dog shows.

          Three dog sizes, instead of just two, would also be great. Small, medium, large. So foxhounds and mastiffs aren’t the same size, lol. And I really, really hope that they bring back the pet store, where you can actually buy PETS, not just PET ITEMS. Although I have a feeling my sims will be running a pet store selling dog beds and cat trees, either way, lol.

          But, honestly? I’ll just be happy with a decent animal CAS that gives us enough variety to make dogs and cats look like they’re supposed to

  • i want to pets be mixed with weather and made it a complete farm life it would be awsome with everything with new traits like allergic to technology like everything is manuel …