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The Sims 4 Parenthood: Traits, Phases and Character Value Cheats

Zerbu and I were able to extract the cheats for The Sims 4 Parenthood! Down below you’ll see a list of cheats for Traits, Phases and Character Values that you can add and modify.

Please note that these cheats won’t function until you enter the testingcheats true cheat.


  • Argumentative –  traits.equip_trait argumentative
  • Good Manners –  traits.equip_trait goodmanners
  • Bad Manners – traits.equip_trait badmanners
  • Compassionate – traits.equip_trait compassionate
  • Emotional Control – traits.equip_trait emotionalcontrol
  • Irresponsible – traits.equip_trait irresponsible
  • Responsible – traits.equip_trait lifeskills_responsible
  • Mediator – traits.equip_trait mediator
  • Uncontrolled Emotions – traits.equip_trait uncontrolled
  • Insensitive – traits.equip_trait unfeeling


  • Picky Eater (Child Phase)
    • traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_A
    • traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_B
    • traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_C
    • traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_D
    • traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_DisgustedByFood
    • traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_F
  • Distant (Teen Phase) – traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_distant
  • Loud (Child Phase) – traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_loud
  • Mean Streak (Teen Phase) – traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_meanstreak
  • Rebellious (Teen Phase) – traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_rebellious
  • I’m a Bear! (Child Phase) – traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_bear
  • Clingy (Child Phase) – traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_clingy

Character Values

The character values have values, with -100 being the most negative one and 100 being the most positive one. Down below you can find the character value cheats and replace the value text in square brackets with an actual number value.

  • Manners – stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_Manners [value]
  • Responsibility – stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_Responsibility [value]
  • Conflict Resolution – stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_ConflictResolution [value]
  • Empathy – stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_Empathy [value]
  • Emotional Control – stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_EmotionalControl [value]

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