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Aging and Death in The Sims Mobile

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The Sims Mobile has a different approach to aging and deaths.

Your Sim ages as the time goes by in real time. So, if you decide to open The Sims Mobile a new day will begin and the Sim will age for the next 24 hours until you decide to open the game again. Young Adults and Adults have 4 days each until they age up, and elders only have 2 days. Once elders are close to death they’ll have a Grim Reaper visit their home and follow them around:

Aging and Death in The Sims Mobile

Of course, there is an option to extend your elder Sim’s life a little bit longer, but that costs 50 SimCash.

Once it’s finally time to go, you’ll see all the lifetime goals you’ve completed. If you’ve completed enough lifetime goals you’ll receive a heirloom which will give you special perks when you continue playing The Sims Mobile.

How does it all look in game? Check out the video below:

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