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The Sims 4: 10 Gallery Households with Interesting Backstories


Looking for a household with an interesting backstory that you can further continue by yourself?

In this spotlight we’re featuring households for The Sims 4 with interesting backstories!

You can download each household by clicking their headline name.

1) Three Generations

By IslaRoses

Charlee, and her adorable daughter, have returned to Willow Creek to find a new beginning. While living with her elderly parents wasn’t in her original plans, they’re certainly thrilled about having their granddaughter around.


2) Harley & Wilson

By asoanjao

These girls have been best friends as long as they can remember! Altough they are quite different, and sometimes get in to huge fights, they always stick by each others side! They’ve now decided to move in together, will there be any struggles? Will Winnie finally tell Xiara how she feel for her? You decide what will happen in the future!



3) Van Meter

By Minecraftdsimmer

After Marina’s mother passed, Antwon met Priscilla and she immediatley fell in love with him… after she saw his mansion. Priscilla and Marina constantly fight, Marina sees Priscilla for what she really is, a cheating gold-digger, and Priscilla think Marina is too much like late mother. Will Priscilla accomplish getting Marina out of Antwon’s life? Or will Marina finally prove to her father that Priscilla is only in it for the money?


4) T&T Opposites Attract

By Breezyblue022

Tyler’s profile: I’m an outdoors guy through and through, so if my house gets a little messy I don’t mind. Fishing is my life, and I’m known to let out a primal yell when a cunning fish evades me. Taylor’s profile: I’m a development capt. (techguru lvl 6), so technology is a big part of my life. I try to spread positivity both online and offline, and I prefer my environment to be clean and in order. Matchmaker’s thought: “Well they say opposites attract…right?”


5) Simmer Dynasty 2

By Minecraftdsimmer

Lady and Baron, the perfect pair! Both hungry for money and power. This duo has thieved, scammed, bribed their way to power. But will the citizens finally overthrow this monarchy couple?

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