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Two Features from The Sims 1 You Forgot About

When you look back at how far The Sims has come from those robotic pixel blobs moving across the screen of your clunky beige desktop, it’s hard to imagine that there’s anything we’ve lost between then and now. Would you believe us if we told you there are actually two useful features from those simpler days that are no more?

Back in the days of The Sims, clicking on the household’s simoleons would bring up the budget panel. This panel was used for managing your household’s finances. This was where players could see how much their Sims were spending and making. The Budget panel broke down income and expenses over the past three days so you could see exactly where all the money in the house was going. It was a great tool for keeping the books balanced.

Your household’s total funds are dynamically displayed below the Speed buttons. Remember, your Sims may lust for a plasma TV, but if daddy’s not bringing in the dough (nor momma as well), you might be sending your Sims to skid row. – The Sims guide booklet, pg. 17


In the house panel in Live Mode, players got a ten-point breakdown of just how cool (or lame) their Sim’s house was. The¬†household was ranked from 0 to 10 in several categories, from size to landscaping to layout. Houses that Sims could move around in easily got a high layout score. Homes with beautiful gardens would do well in the landscaping category. It was an easy way to see just how well your Sims were keeping up with their neighbours.

Your Sims are quite concerned with their house’s structure and condition, at both the aesthetic and essential level. They like open spaces, comfortable rooms, lots of windows and nice furnishings… If you design or furnish their house in such a way that it makes the Sims long, cumbersome trips to accomplish a task, or if objects block the clear pathway to objects they’re interested in, they won’t hesitate to complain. Be a compassionate master: Make their house a home. – The Sims guide booklet, pg. 28


Would you like to see either of these features make a return in The Sims 4? Let us know in the comments!

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