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The Sims 4 is now a better game

The Sims 4 went through PLENTY of changes since its release in September 2014, but the effort to make the game better were clearly doubled. Sure, the long-awaited Packs such as Vampires, Parenthood and Cats & Dogs are one of the highlights for this year, but that’s not what I’ll talk about in this article.

The Sims 4 Base Game went through a huge change since the last update, and even though you probably haven’t noticed some of the following details, they are a sign that things are constantly improving and upgrading, making the game a more stable platform for upcoming free and paid releases.

Stability Improvements

One of the highlights from the latest update is the fact that The Sims 4 is now much more stabile. The game has a smaller amount of simulation lags occuring (when Sims need a few seconds to respond or move on with their actions). I myself have noticed that the game is much more fast and responds more quickly to interactions that I pick for my Sims. The Sims 4 also no longer creates “time jumps” when switching from Speed 3 to Speed 1, which was an issue that was present since the game’s release.

I’m not the only one who noticed that the game’s stability has improved:

Bug Fixes

The latest update is a proof that anything can be fixed. Seriously, it will take you around 19 minutes to read all the bugs that the team has fixed!

More Options for Powerful Computers

The game has recently started focusing on Simmers with powerful PC setups. You can now control how many Sims you can have in your World without them losing any important progress. This lets you create worlds with more unique Sims. These type of options require computers with better hardware and are completely optional.

Some system requirements have also changed with the release of Cats & Dogs. The team is more confident about creating and bringing new features that could be an obstacle for low-end computers. Still, we’re living in 2017 and hardware that requires recommended settings for The Sims 4 isn’t that expensive either.

EA’s confidence

Electronic Arts isn’t shy when it comes to boasting about The Sims 4’s success. The game has 40% more active players in this quarter than it had in the same quarter last year. EA executives are very confident in the product and with The Sims 4 and its DLC coming to Consoles, we can expect The Sims 4 to grow and upgrade in years to come.


Say goodbye to “Weirder Sims” – a slogan which was used to promote The Sims 4 sometime around 2014 and 2015. Ever since the game received more family content and got a bigger audience the team is more confident in promoting the good old “Play With Life” slogan, showcasing some family aspects.

You’ve probably seen more ads all over the internet about the game.

Do you think The Sims 4 has improved and do you believe in EA’s confidence about the future of the game? Let us know in the comments!

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  • i believe it still has a long way to go, but it is definitely improving <3 i love it just as much as previous sims games, played since first game

  • A CAS lock button would be awesome i mean really!! The option to turn cc off for random townies would be amazing it is so important that we get this soon because sims 4 relys too heavily on modders, the sims 4 and modders are like oil and water especially when it comew to big updates like this. To even use the good mods may slow down the function of your game so thats a bummer but mods help the sims 4 so much. Story progression in the sims 4 is so extreamly essential my world feels boring nd lifeless unless i use a mod but really EA i have faith in you guys. Leting us walk around with out newborns lol i shouldnt feel like after a few sim hours i should age up my child because he or she is just an object, im glad they dont turn into kids anymore but the babies could really use more tcl. Colorwheels lol idk why this wasnt in the game but cmon its comming for pets so why not throw it in for regular sims too. Different interactions im not sure about everyone else but why is it if my sim hates a sim they are all smiles and friendly social it makes no sense weather your a friend or enemy or lover your sims interact exactly the same and its so boring i must admit. I appreciate the x3 forward fix that was horrible to deal with. Im happy with the shrinking that was clever, however my sims cant use toilets anymore so theres that. As of right now the only working toilet is the robot one. Sims 4 is extreamly lacking and i can go on and on but some of what is listed above especially the cas lock button would so truly be appreciated!! I belive in you EA!!